Canada Liquor Stores Halt Russian Booze Sales for Ukraine
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Liquor Stores Halt Sales of Russian Spirits in Support of Ukraine


Many Canadian liquor stores are removing Russian spirits brands from shelves after the nation invaded Ukraine. (Photo: YOUSSEF KARWASHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Canadian liquor stores are removing Russian vodka and other Russian-made alcoholic beverages from their shelves in a show of support for Ukraine. Russia launched a three-pronged invasion of Ukraine this week.

According to Yahoo, liquor stores in the provinces of Manitoba and Newfoundland said they were removing Russian spirits, while Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, directed the Liquor Control Board Of Ontario to withdraw all Russian products.

All 679 stores in Ontario will remove all Russian products from their shelves.

NLC Liquor Stores said in a tweet that Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation liquor stores and other liquor jurisdictions in Canada have done the same.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday announced sanctions against Russia to impose “severe costs on complicit Russian elites” and limit President Vladimir Putin’s ability to continue funding his invasion.

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