Maker’s Mark Announces 2021 Wood Finishing Series: FAE-01 | Whiskey Raiders
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Maker’s Mark Announces 2021 Wood Finishing Series: FAE-01

Courtesy:Makers Mark

Maker’s Mark, the notable wheated bourbon distiller in Kentucky, has announced a new entry in their Limited Release portfolio noted as the Wood Finishing Series.

Maker’s Mark 2021 FAE-01 is targeting a profile that closely matches what visitors will smell when touring the distiller’s warehouses: dank wood, complex tobacco and rich fig.

The distiller is using yet another new approach for this bottling – the staves used to finish the bourbon are seared only on a single side. Maker’s believes that this contributes to the profile mentioned above, giving a savory, pungent tone to this year’s bottling.

Maker’s Mark Limited Release FAE-01 is bottled at cask strength – 55.3% ABV and will retail around $60.

We’ll bring you a Whiskey Raiders review when this bottling is available. Last year’s entry: 2020 Limited Release SE4 x PR5 performed admirably among our own editor and the other aggregate sources, so this release is definitely of interest to whiskey aficionados, the world across.

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