Midleton’s First Dedicated Whiskey Store Means You Can Buy a $45,000 Irish Whiskey Next Time You Are In Dublin | Whiskey Raiders
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Midleton’s First Dedicated Whiskey Store Means You Can Buy a $45,000 Irish Whiskey Next Time You Are In Dublin

The Midleton Craft Collection Whiskey Store has opened up in Dublin in the Brown Thomas department store to satisfy all you Irish Whiskey needs.  Midleton Distillery is the producer behind many of the Irish Whiskey brands that you can find on shelves around the world, including Jameson, Redbreast, and Powers.

(Image via Irish Distillers)

Visitors to the store will be able to explore some of the best offerings from Midleton and it’s many brands including some rare and expensive bottles.  This includes the first bottle to go on sale in Ireland of the Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection Chapter 2.

A single pot still whiskey, distilled back in 1973, by Master Distiller Max Crockett, it’s aged in sherry and bourbon casks for 20 years. Following this, the new Master Distiller, and Max’s son, Barry Crockett re-barreled the whiskey into ex-bourbon casks.

With only 70 bottles being available worldwide, it carries a hefty price tag of €40,000/$45,000.  Don’t worry, if you miss out on one of these, Midleton plans to have several more releases, up to 50 years old, through 2025, though the price probably won’t be going down.

Whether you are buying the Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection or some Jameson, the shop does offer custom engraving to provide a personalized experience no mater which whiskey is your favorite.

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