The Drinks Trust Working to Bring Equity to Spirits Industry
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New Partnership to Bring Equity in Spirits Industry to Minority and LGBTQ+ Communities

The Drinks Trust

The Drinks Trust has teamed up with the Equal Measures program to provide better equality for disadvantaged individuals in the spirits sector.

A new partnership aims to help give those from marginalized groups equity within the spirits industry. The Drinks Trust is a nonprofit that works with bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels to help them be more inclusive of minority ethnicities through training programs in areas such as staff recruitment and customer service provision. The Drinks Trust has partnered with the Equal Measures initiative and is “committed to helping people from Black, Asian or other minority ethnicities achieve their potential in the drinks trade.”

Anyone working in the cocktail and spirits sector can participate in the Equal Measures Education and Mentorship Program. Equal Measures questions current hiring practices, raises awareness of marginalized groups’ barriers and collaborates with the industry to address present prejudices. Participants will be able to enhance their CVs with fantastic industry-relevant courses including ones from Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

A New Trend in the Alcohol Industry?

In recent weeks, there has been an increasing amount of headlines regarding spirits companies taking the initiative to become more culturally conscious or find ways to become even more sustainable. Be it an environmentally friendly approach such as salmon-safe whiskey or even a celebrity-backed move toward sustainable soil or aiding with the food security crisis in Los Angeles.

However, the most moving companies are the ones like The Drinks Trust and Equal Measures — the ones taking a stand for the people inside and outside the industry. This particular partnership is one more wave in a sea of alcohol industry-led initiatives set to make the world a better place. Something we all need more of right now.

Learn more about The Drinks Trust and the new partnership by clicking here.

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