Duo Of New Releases Joins Old Elk Master's Blend Series
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Duo Of New Whiskeys Joins Old Elk Master’s Blend Series

Old Elk

Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey.

Colorado-based Old Elk Distillery is releasing two new additions to Master Distiller Greg Metze’s Master’s Blend Series: Old Elk Four Grain and Old Elk Double Wheat.

“By marrying traditional favorites, award-winning bourbons and whiskeys, and a bold sense of adventure, we have created two exquisite, unique whiskies that I am personally very excited to share with the world,” Metze said in a news release.

Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey

Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey is a blend of Old Elk Straight Wheat and Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The bourbon has a higher proof of 107.1, with characteristics of honeycomb and vanilla custard in the flavor profile.

Double Wheat is aged 6-8 years with a mash bill consisting of 71.5% wheat, 25% corn, and 3.5% barley.

Old Elk Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Old Elk Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made up of a blend of four cereal grains — corn, wheat, barley and rye. Coming in at 105.9 proof, the distillery boasts flavors of almond, vanilla, maple and spices.

Four Grain was aged 6-7 years with a mask bill containing 51% corn, 22.5% wheat, 19% barley, and 7.5% rye.

Both new blends will retail for $99.99.

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