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One-of-a-Kind, Booze-less Whiskey-Infused Cookie Dough

Booze-less whiskey infused cookie dough

Image via Doughp

Doughp and Ritual Zero Proof create a one-of-a-kind, booze-less whiskey-infused cookie dough.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Doughp is a cookie dough bar founded in San Francisco. It is an edible (meaning you can eat it raw) and bakeable cookie dough brand. Founded by a woman named Kelsey whose mission is to help others with mental illness and sobriety. With every sale of Doughp, a portion is donated to the nonprofit She Recovers Foundation.

Doughp has partnered with Ritual Zero Proof, the first American-made spirit alternatives to capture the taste, smell, and sensation of traditional spirits without the alcohol according to the official press release. With booze-infused desserts rising in popularity, this partnership was the perfect way to meet the demands of consumers without compromising the brand’s core values.

“Teaming up to create non-alcoholic Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough was a no-brainer,” said Marcus Sakey, founding partner of Ritual Zero Proof. “We’re no stranger to trailblazing products, and neither is Doughp. Working together to make the perfect Father’s Day gift just makes things that much sweeter.”

The new Doughp Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough is available on May 26th for Father’s Day orders. Alternatively, you can buy a pint of it in a custom 2, 3 or 4 pack at the website

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