Daily Caller's Vince Coglianese Says He Used Whiskey to Recover From Covid
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Political Pundit Opens Up About Downing Whiskey to Regain His Taste During Bout With Covid: ‘It Went Down Real Easy’

A political commentator is opening up about how he used whiskey to help him overcome his fight with Covid-19.

Speaking on the Vince and Jason Save the Nation podcast hosted by the Daily Caller last week, right-leaning pundit and host Vince Coglianese explained how his sense of taste and smell had been dulled by the coronavirus. And how he used his spirit of choice to help regain it.

“I would pour myself a shot of whiskey, and I would hold it up to my nose, and I would take a long pull on it,” Coglianese said. “Just with my nose, just to smell it, just to see if I could get my senses activated.”

Coglianese’s co-host, Jason Nichols, poked fun at his colleague — jokingly saying that he might have had ulterior motives in choosing whiskey to help him recover.

“You were just drinking whiskey because you wanted to get loaded,” Nichols said, tongue-in-cheek.

Coglianese laughed.

“Well, it went down real easy,” he said. “Because you don’t taste anything.”

Watch above, via the Dally Caller. The relevant portion of the video begins at approximately the 25:00 mark.

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