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Robb Report & WhistlePig Created a Whiskey for Those Who Appreciate Rare and Unique Spirits

WhistlePig and Robb Report created a Single Barrel Whiskey. It is a “bespoke barrel rye is aged for 12 years and expertly finished in Spanish brandy casks, which beautifully tempers the characteristic heat and spice of the high-rye mash bill.” As stated by WhistlePig.

“The nose comes right from the Spanish brandy, loaded with roasted fruit and plum flavors,” says Emily Harrison, Whistlepig’s lead distiller, of the 86-proof spirit, which is a deep red-amber in the glass. The warm, fruit-heavy nose gives way to an initial wave of rye spice on the palate, followed by bright flavors of grass and rosewater. Befitting the rye’s 12-year aging process and its extraordinarily creamy mouthfeel, the finish stays with you—a long, lingering heat punctuated by bursts of freshly cracked black pepper. Harrison likens the combination of warm, spiced aromas and long heat to “sitting next to a fire in the winter,”

The whiskey has a deep amber color and is 86 proof. Currently, it is available for $174.99 MSRP for preorder only.

Image via Whistle Pig

Nose – Warm with baked apple and roasted fruit aromas, and hints of plum from the Spanish brandy.

Palate – Heavy rye spice followed by bright grass, floral notes, and a touch of light rosewater.

Finish – Long and lingering heat, with extra spice from fresh cracked pepper.

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