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Artificial Intelligence Leveraged To Help Stop Underage Liquor Sales


Supermarkets are employing AI to catch potential underage sales in the UK by scanning customers’ faces to analyze their age.

The Drinks Business Says, “Launched by the Home Office, trials of the new technology are set to take place next month, using supermarket checkouts to monitor its accuracy.” Potentially the use of the technology could make I.D. checks entirely obsolete.

According to The Telegraph’s Charles Hymas, developed by Yoti, a digital identity verification company that has already had the technology used by the Post Office, police, NHS, NSPCC, and social media. Yoti’s AI technology has developed the ability to estimate 16 and 17-year-olds within one year and 13-24-year-olds within a 1.5-year range.

How it Works

At the check-out counter, The AI technology by Yoti will prompt customers to permit for a picture to be taken of their faces to analyze the age. The image will be immediately deleted, and no human will ever see the image, only the age of the individual will be seen by the retailer.

As stated in The Telegraph, no human will ever see the images, the only information shared with the retailer being the age check data claims Yoti.

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