New Molson Coors Brand Five Trail Whiskey Seen As Joining Bandwagon
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Some Left ‘Skeptical’ After Coors Announces Its First-Ever Whiskey: When Did They ‘Decide to Jump on the Bandwagon?’

In recent years, the alcohol industry has become especially prone to bandwagoning. Brands are releasing similar or extremely close clones of each others products in the hopes of catching lightning in a bottle.

No industry knows this better than the whiskey industry, which sees hundreds of releases of new bottlings, labels, spirits and all manner of limited releases. These bottlings often mimic each other, play on the same themes, or even contain the same sourced whiskey.

Just last week, Molson Coors announced their Five Trail Blended American Whiskey, a collaboration between a Colorado Single Malt producer, Bardstown Bourbon Company and good ol’ Colorado water. While the overall tone of the release was well received, some skepticism has begun to arise.

It seems pretty clear that Molson Coors (previously Miller Coors), who recently amended their title to distance themselves from the silo of just brewing beer, sees the immense value in the spirits industry.

Additionally, the skepticism is well founded. It seems nearly impossible for a brand to spin up overnight and come into owning well aged whiskey. How is this possible?

The answer isn’t immediately clear, but with some experience in the spirits universe, the answer is out there. Bardstown Bourbon Company is sitting on thousands (more accurately, hundreds of thousands) of whiskey and rye that have been aging for between 1 and 4 years. Their part in the Five Trail is likely the biggest: they’re providing the vast majority of well aged whiskey, allowing Miller Coors to immediately bottle aged whiskey for a brand that’s existed for mere months.

It helps that the brand also owns a bottling line, and has helped kickstart other brands, like Chicken Cock Whiskey, and more.

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