Stellum Debuts Stellum Black Specialty Blends Series
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Stellum Spirits Kicks Off ‘Specialty Blends’ Series With 2 Cryptically Named Releases Set to Join Black Label Collection

Stellum Black

Stellum Spirits has released the first two expressions of its series of Stellum Black specialty blends. (Photo: Stellum Spirits)

Stellum Spirits, the more affordable (but far from bottom-shelf) brand from Barrell Craft Spirits, announced the launch of a new series, Stellum Black specialty blends on Monday. These releases will “incorporate rare barrels” to create limited-edition bourbons and ryes, the company said, according to Beverage Dynamics.

“Stellum Black specialty blends evoke the familiarity of two classic styles of American whiskey, taken one step further through our innovative blending and tasting process,” founder Joe Beatrice said, according to Beverage Dynamics. “Each limited-release blend has an alternate blending profile that incorporates reserve barrels from our stocks with the original Stellum blend.”

All Stellum Black specialty blends are made from a base comprising blend of Indiana bourbon/rye layered with older bourbons/ryes from Kentucky and Tennessee.

The new series kicks off with two releases, Stellum Equinox Blend #1 and Stellum Fibonacci Rye Blend #1. Both names are rather cryptic, but Stellum explained the logic behind them.

Stellum Equinox Blend #1

This release was created using Stellum Bourbon. The team layered in sets of bourbon barrels until the evening of the Vernal Equinox, when the blend was completed and bottled at cask-strength 117.26 proof.

Stellum Equinox Blend #1 Tasting Notes, via the Brand

Nose: Beautifully subdued nose gently opens up to ripe cantaloupe and the perfume of fresh cut grass. After it aerates, notes of sugar maple and toffee hit the senses with a distant kiss of wood spice and white pepper.

Taste: Dried apricot and honey immediately find their way into view. This unfolds into Saigon cinnamon and bruleed orange before slowly making its way to subtle notes of grapefruit and jasmine.

Finish: Finish is extremely long and slowly developed. The back-end jasmine blooms and bursts into rich notes of sorghum and wood tannin before finally dissipating into beautiful dark chocolate.

With 3 Drops of Water: The water brings about the riper, more fruit forward qualities of the whiskey and really highlights the floral aspects that were merely an undertone before. And moves the heat from the alcohol from the back of the tongue to the cheekbones.

Stellum Fibonacci Rye Blend #1

This release is named for the Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers that all are the sum of the two previous numbers. Six rye blends were married in accordance with this sequence, and this whiskey is bottled at cask-strength 115.12 proof.

Stellum Fibonacci Rye Blend #1 Tasting Notes, via the Brand

Color: Deep copper.

Nose: Citrus forward with a delicate spice on the back and lasting earthy notes of tobacco and oak.

Taste: Honey and lemon hit the tongue with a slight earthiness reminiscent of black tea. Brown butter and molasses come forward revealing the softer side of the whiskey followed by clove and brown sugar. A touch of cinnamon-apples and chocolate come through before revealing the charred oak tannins.

Finish: A long finish that touches each part of the palate. Savory and sweet, the lemon and honey are a delicate sweet base layer to the rich clove, ginger, and tobacco spice forefront. The oak shows through on the finish, highlighting that there is some finely aged whiskey in the blend.

With 3 Drops of Water: The addition of water brings out more of the charred oak on the nose with a delectable, sweet cinnamon. On the palate, clove and ginger become more present with an addition of burnt orange peel. Rich dessert notes, such as brown butter and caramel are a bit more subtle.

Stellum Equinox Blend #1 and Stellum Fibonacci Rye Blend #1 each have a suggested retail price of $99 per 750-milliliter bottle. They are available at select retailers in 48 states and online via the Stellum website at

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