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Stop Guessing the Flavors in Your Whiskey

A tasting wheel is a tool used for decades by whiskey enthusiasts to help distinguish between different flavors in their whiskey.

The tasting wheel was first developed in 1978 by Pentlands Scotch Whisky Research. It is a helpful tool for identifying the different flavors and developing your whisky nose. It is also beneficial when you start tasting whiskey and don’t know where to start in terms of language and typical flavors.

Whiskey Flavor Tasting Wheel

Whiskey Raider’s Tasting Wheel

Cereal: Malted barley aroma

Woody: Wood aroma

Winey: Relates to the prior contents of the cask and the possible flavors that come through

Peaty: Tar, smoked-wood, medicinal like aromas. 

Feinty: Aromas that start as biscuit-like but fade into a honeyed or sweat-like scent. 

Sulphury: Considered to be unpleasant smells and flavors.

Floral: Grassy, leaf-like aromas.

Fruity: Sweet and fragrant, fruity aromas. Very Desirable. 

Looking to try the whiskey wheel for yourself?

If you’ve been looking for the perfect whiskey to try your new whiskey nose on, We can tell you exactly where to start.


The bourbon you want to try if you’re starting is Buffalo Trace. Inexpensive and easy to find. It is also highly rated. There are vanilla flavors, a faint hint of caramel, and some light fruitiness you might be able to point out. You can order a bottle from ReserveBar.


Rye whiskey is typically described as spicey, and Chattanooga Rye is the perfect starter rye to test your palate. During your tasting with this rye, you’ll find notes of cocoa, honey, a bit of clove, and spicy pepper.


Scotch whisky must be produced at a distillery in Scotland and adhere to specific guidelines to meet the qualifications. All Scotch whisky must be aged for 3 years at the minimum and at least 40% ABV. A good scotch to try is Aberfeldy 12yr. Generally easy to find and inexpensive, you will easily taste the Cream, apples, and pepper.

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