Top 6 Summer Whiskey Sipping Options of 2022
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6 Whiskeys That Are Perfect Summertime Sips

Summer Whiskey

There’s no denying the onset of warm weather as blistering heat sweeps from coast to coast in the U.S. While extreme temperatures won’t last forever, it’s a clear sign that summertime is here, and that means we can safely shake off our winter mindset and look forward to great whiskey and great weather.

Whether you’re sipping poolside, deckside, after a day in the yard or at a Fourth of July BBQ, there’s no shortage of great whiskey you need in your glass to make the most of summer. Here are six perfect summer whiskey picks, brought to you by Whiskey Raiders and ReserveBar.

Barrell Bourbon Jamaican Rum Finish

Summer Whiskey

Barrell is the undisputed Willy Wonka of whiskey here in the United States. With thousands of whiskey casks, a best-in-class group of tasters and blenders, and the fearless drive to create something unique, the team is releasing bottling after bottling aimed at enthusiasts’ unrealized wishes.

This particular batch sees further maturation in Jamaican Rum casks, which adds an extra layer of fruit, sweetness and complexity. Mildly funky, Jamaican Rum has long captivated drinkers for its avant-garde yet fascinating qualities that are unlike any other. A masterful blend of straight bourbon combines with that Jamaican “funk” for a dangerously drinkable whiskey that nobody — new drinker or old — will be able to put down.

Westland Garryana Edition 6

Summer Whiskey

Westland takes cues from the forest in each of its releases, with its cult-favorite Garryana relying on the unique composition and spirit of Garryana oak from the Pacific Northwest.

As a whiskey crafted entirely in the PNW, Garryana has been a tough bottling to keep in stock — it exists almost entirely in a category all on its own. Few producers are even able to acquire Garryana oak, let alone enough to bottle and leverage it for their own aging.

Westland’s Garryana is a fantastic bottle for camping, sharing a word about whiskey with friends or selfishly (we won’t tell) alone by the fire.

George Dickel Bottled in Bond

George Dickel

Criminally underrated and almost always overlooked because it bears the Dickel name, George Dickel’s Bottled in Bond release is one of the great crossroads of excellent age, quality and price.

It’s not every day that you can find 13-year-old bourbon, and it’s almost impossible to find it under $50. With the quality to match, there’s no better time to step out from your usual Kentucky favorites and try a standout Tennessee whiskey that’s been impressing experts since release. For those hot days, the heavy oak complements bold citrus perfectly, especially if you’re looking for a premium Whiskey Sour. Using top-notch whiskey in a cocktail only promises epic results, after all!

Redbreast 12 Year Old

Summer Whiskey
For every bold and brash whiskey on the shelf, there’s a nuanced, complex cousin standing right beside it. As the mercury continues to climb, whiskeys with more nuanced flavor and less oak are often more desirable. Think of whether you’d prefer to have a cold, crisp lager or a heavy imperial stout while sweating in the sun.

The same idea points to the success of Redbreast 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey. Lighter in flavor but certainly not light in complexity, this sweet sipper is packed with honey, toffee, light rising bread notes and a touch of peaches and cream on the finish. Affordable and attainable, it’s one of the great pillars of Irish whiskey and makes for a perfect pour no matter the time of day — whether it’s the heat of the afternoon or the welcome cool of sundown.

Old Forester Straight Bourbon

Old Forester

The backbone of the most prolific cocktail of spring, there’s a reason Old Forester owns the Mint Julep. Meant to be consumed on the hottest days of the year, Old Forester goes far beyond the racetrack all summer long. Perfect to enjoy neat, poured over ice or in any whiskey cocktail, this value king is one of the best bottles on the shelf.

Distilled and bottled under the watchful eye of one of Kentuck’s oldest brands, Old Forester stands as one of the best-value whiskeys. Period. If you enjoy this particular pour and are looking for more flavor, Signature features a bump to 100 proof, and Old Forester 1920 further increases the age and ABV to ensure there’s always an Old Forester for your bar.

On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned

Summer Whiskey
Last but not least, some things are best done by the experts. Whether you’re hosting a party or picnic, not into accumulating the ingredients required to have a competent bar or just plain over the work to make a drink, On The Rocks has you covered.

Knob Creek is one of the top whiskey brands we see come across our desk at Whiskey Raiders, and On The Rocks has formulated a rock-solid Old Fashioned using Knob Creek Bourbon in a ready-to-drink format. Pour over ice, garnish with a cherry or orange slice, and you’re ready to roll. Unlike other ready-made cocktails, these taste natural, are proofed just right and are affordable enough to actually save you some coin over a sophisticated bar setup.

Summer’s here, and these six diverse whiskey options are all a great way to enjoy the year’s best months with a drink in hand. Whether it’s a Barrell Jamaican Finish in the pool, Redbreast 12 Year after dinner or a Knob Creek Old Fashioned with friends at a barbecue, there’s no shortage of great whiskey to enjoy this summer!

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