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The 4 Best Drams We Poured For International Scotch Day

Of all the holidays that fill up the calendar, whiskey related holidays are easily the best. Every year, July 27th sparks whiskey drinkers the world over to put down their bourbon, or rye and pick up a bottle of Scotch. Scotch drinkers, well, keep on doing what they do best.

This year, 4 bottles made the top choice for a great flight of memories, great tastes and some new releases alike. Here’s the Scotch whiskey’s that rocked our world for 2021’s International Scotch Day

The GlenDronach 18

Matured for at least 18 years, completely in sherry wine casks, GlenDronach’s flagship bottling packs a sweet, desserty punch. GlenDronach is located in the Highland region of Scotland and produces about 1.3 million liters of spirit each year. With notes of tobacco, coffee, cocoa, dates and a rich nose, you’ll want to check it out, stat.

Whiskey Raiders GlenDronach 18 Review

Springbank Local Barley 10yr

The 2021 release of Springbank’s prestigious Local Barley release may be expensive, but it’s worth every penny. Bottled at cask strength in the Campbeltown region, with no coloring or filtering, after 10 years of aging in Oloroso sherry – this bottling is the first of its kind in the Local Barley portfolio. If you’re wondering what Local Barley refers to, it’s a special yearly release that uses barley that’s sourced from a farm near Springbank, rather than a commercial supplier. A satisfying mouthfeel, notes of toffee, cracked pepper and blackberry make this bottling an absolute treat.

Whiskey Raiders Springbank Local Barley 2021 Review

Bruichladdich Octomore 10.2

Aged for 8 years and super heavily peated, Bruichladdich’s annual peat bomb is not for the faint of heart. Bruichladdich resides on the island of Islay, and is known for producing peated and unpeated whiskey alike. 10.2 is a particular expression in the catalogue of the 10th edition releases, and this particular bottling sees maturation in Sauternes wine casks. If you enjoy a complex blend of sea air, burning wood, light iodine medicinal peat and big stewed fruit and honey character, then Octomore 10.2 is absolutely worth checking out.

Whiskey Raiders Bruichladdich Octomore 10.2 Review

Talisker 10

An oldie, but a gem: Talisker 10 is the whiskey staple that every drinker should have in their cabinet, all of the time. Diageo owned and operated from the Islands region of Scotland, this briny and bright dram has no shortage of flavor. Notes of lemon curd, fresh sourdought, pepper and salty sea air bring a refreshing change of pace to typical drinkers of heavily wine finished or peated drams. For those looking to get a bit adventurous beyond the Glenlivets and Glenfiddichs of the scotch world, Talisker 10 is the perfect introduction to a unique side of Scotch.

Whiskey Raiders Talisker 10 Review

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