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The 7 Best Whiskeys We Drank in October 2022

October has been a long month, not just by day count but as one of the busiest months we’ve had in a while reviewing whiskey. A lot of spirit crosses the desk here at Whiskey Raiders, and this month was no different with brands old and new making appearances.

October is knee deep in the fall hunt, where brands like Buffalo Trace and beyond release their rarest and most sought after whiskeys as well, so there’s been plenty going on. If you haven’t caught the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection or Pappy Van Winkle releases, check them out here. If you’re all caught up – great! Pour a dram and let’s cover the very best whiskeys we drank this October.

Stellum Fibonacci Rye

A well-blended, spice-driven and full-bodied rye, Fibonacci is the mathematical entry from Barrell Craft Spirits in their Stellum Spirits product family. The blend of ingredients, although not disclosed on the label, reflect a Fibonacci sequence, which is a cool little tidbit. The whiskey on its own stands true and powerful: there’s no doubt it’s rye, and it’s a bruiser at that.

Angel’s Envy Cask Strength 2022

Ahead of the formal announcement coming in November, we had a chance to taste Angel’s Envy’s newest Cask Strength release – and this year’s is a winner. Bold and sweet, extra proof and tannin balance the wine finish wonderfully. It’s the only true opportunity to taste Angel’s Envy at cask strength, and while it’s hard to find, it’s certainly worth looking out for one if the price doesn’t make you sweat.

Gold Spot Irish Whiskey

The “Spot” line of whiskeys expands once again beyond red, green, blue and more with a golden expression. Nine years old and featuring a plethora of cask finishes, this wine-heavy, cask-strength Irish whiskey is a bruiser in the best way, delivering a heavy, rich profile that leaned into dessert and berry forward dream.

Blue Run Flight Series Alpine Meadows

A brand new release from one of the bourbon industry’s fastest growing micro brands comes Blue Run’s Flight Series. A six-bottle set featuring blends of two to five casks, all bottled at cask strength burst forth this October with all six releases dropping. Alpine Meadows was one such batch, available nationwide, that delivered a bold and boozy pour with no shortage of flavor.

High West A Midwinter Night’s Dram Act 10

It’s hard to believe that Midwinter Night’s Dram has been going for 10 years now, but this release was no joke. Finally striking an exceptional balance of their own distillate and their oldest sourced distillate available to them, High West created this blend of rye whiskeys and aged it in Port barrels. With a release just in time for winter’s arrival, it’s a quintessential fall and winter holiday pour.

Bruichladdich Black Art 10.1

Old, bold and not for the budget chasers out there: Black Art is Bruichladdich’s most revered annual bottling outside of limited, single-edition releases. This is its 10th edition as well and features 29-year-old whiskey, some of the remaining stocks from the distillery’s life before a brief shutdown in the 1990’s. Possessing an incredible richness and complexity, this stewed fruit celebration is one of the best Bruichladdich’s to cross this desk in some time.

Knob Creek 18 Year

Knob Creek has uncorked some of the oldest whiskey ever released by the brand and for a shockingly great price, no less. Available around $179 (MSRP) this 18-year whiskey is bottled at 50% ABV and really exemplifies a whiskey enthusiasts dream. Oaky and dry without becoming bitter and nasty, Knob Creek 18 Year is a decadent and delightful pour I find myself almost unable to stay out of. This is easily a top contender for best bourbon of the year.

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