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The Canned Whiskey Cocktail Everyone’s Buzzing About

Amanda Victoria Image via Siponey

I had the pleasure to chat with the Co-Founder of Siponey, a family-run operation with big plans to help the environment one canned whiskey cocktail at a time.

Amanda Victoria is a veteran cocktail and spirits expert, and her partner (in life and business) Joseph Mintz is a horticulturist with a background in operations. Together they have made a cocktail that is both good for the planet and good for people.

The pair decided to go with only the highest quality when it comes to ingredients compared to other canned cocktails (we’re looking at you, White Claw). As a result, consumers can enjoy a canned Café flavor, including cold brew or the classic Royale flavor.

A method that has served the company well as Siponey recently won two Gold medals for both their current offerings from the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Amanda Victoria and Joseph Mintz Image via Siponey

Their ingredient list includes a small, clean lineup.

·      4-year old New York State rye whiskey
·      Sparkling water
·     Fresh lemon juice
·      Local NYS wildflower honey
·      Cold brew coffee (Siponey Café)

And if you think for a second that the lemons can’t possibly be that fresh coming out of New York, think again. According to the Siponey website, “Lemons don’t typically grow in New York, but our supplier is based there to minimize our shipping footprint. We use real lemon juice, not from concentrate.”

However, the shining star of the cocktail for me is surprisingly not the locally sourced rye but the honey. The couple’s devotion to bees and how helping them is the first step in saving the environment is inspirational.

Joseph Mintz Image via Siponey

Their website says, “Honeybees are the first step in recovering the environment,” and their business model not only talks the talk but walks the walk. With 100% of their merchandise proceeds going to partners like Detroit Hives, a non-profit organization working to build up bee populations by transforming vacant urban lots into pollinator-friendly spaces.

It’s hard to buy products that make you feel good about the planet. We strive to produce a cocktail that has minimal impact on our fragile ecosystem, while still giving you the quality cocktail that you deserve

The Future For Siponey

Amanda hopes that one day the company will be a household name, and by the looks of how quickly the company is expanding, it’s only a matter of time before that is a reality. Siponey will be available at Total Wine and is shipping nationwide from You will not regret getting your hands on a can, and do good for the environment in the process.

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