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The Four Whiskeys You Can’t Miss For Father’s Day

Father’s Day comes as perhaps the best time of the year – the transition from Spring to Summer, and with it, perfect whiskey drinking weather. It’s no secret that Father’s Day can be a tough holiday to shop for the perfect gift. Here at Whiskey Raiders, we believe the best gift is always whiskey, and plenty of it crosses our desk each month. Here are the four whiskeys you can’t overlook while shopping for dad.

Top Notch, High Proof

Highland Park Cask Strength is a relatively new bottling, packing tons of flavor at a price most whiskey fans won’t recognize for Highland Park. Notorious for high prices, and luxuriously detailed bottles, Highland Park Cask Strength is an incredible sub-$100 Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Currently resting at a prestigious 90pts on WhiskeyRaiders, the high proof bottling delivers “no shortage of flavor with a rich mouth feel, and the ABV is incredibly gentle”. Drinkers can expect notes reminiscent of creme brulee, cocoa, oak and a bit of toffee.

The distillery resides on the Island of Orkney, features moderately peated barley, and bottles a large catalogue of releases for the European and American markets. Firmly leaning into the regions past, Highland Park has recently moved to featuring more of their Viking Soul.

Buy Highland Park Cask Strength | Highland Park Cask Strength Reviews

The Ultimate Single Barrel Bourbon

There are few names better known to the modern drinker than that of the Russell’s and their master class display of talent via bottlings produced at Wild Turkey distillery. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon features well aged bourbon, no chill filtering and a healthy bottling ABV of 55% ABV. Wild Turkey manages a wide swatch of warehouses, each unique in their location, storage method, construction and more. You can expect to see Russell’s Reserve Single Barrels bottled from a variety of Wild Turkey’s most iconic warehouses, so you can expect quality whiskey in each one.

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is a favorite of Whiskey Raiders – we’ve tried over 50 different bottlings from this label, and each has been good, to great. At 55% ABV, Russell’s isn’t short on flavor, drinks full and rich, but doesn’t pose a challenge to new drinkers. Our favorite cocktail is a Russell’s Gold Rush – a perfect, citrus forward and spritely cocktail for summer evenings on the porch.

Buy Russell’s Reserve Bourbon | Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey Raiders Review

It’s Flight Time

Often times, the joy of unwrapping whiskey is the thrill to try something new. Drinkers tend to find their lane and stick in it for a while; discovering something new to shift your gaze outside your lane can be refreshing, and fun. Heaven’s Door is producing something we love to see: a variety box featuring each of their offerings, in a smaller format.

Variety packaging is perhaps the pinnacle of trying new whiskeys, because it allows drinkers to experience most or all of a brand’s core portfolio with a single purchase, and without the commitment of drinking three different full sized bottlings.

Comprised of the Tennessee Straight Rye, Tennessee Bourbon and Double Barrel Bourbon, Heaven’s Door packages 200ml of each bottling in their Trilogy Collection. Combined with the legacy of Bob Dylan’s influence on the brand (he’s the owner, after all), it’s hard to think of a better whiskey pack to gift this June.

Buy Heaven’s Door Trilogy Collection | Heaven’s Door Whiskey Raiders Reviews

Top Shelf With GlenDronach

One of our favorite Scotch Whisky distilleries here at Whiskey Raiders, GlenDronach is perhaps the ideal splurge for Dad this spring. The distillery was shuttered for a period of time earlier this century, leading some of their bottlings to contain much older whiskey than advertised. GlenDronach is notoriously well known for their access to great sherry casks, and their meticulous cask management.

Parliament, the distillery’s 21 year old Single Malt, is a hefty investment at $250+, but dodges nearly all of the pitfalls of high end whiskey purchases. Fully matured in sherry casks, Parliament delivers an opulent variety of flavors, most notable among them: deep sherry, figs, stewed fruits, grapes and honey.

GlenDronach’s 21yr expression is a bottling with few equals at the price range, delivering flavor, quality, and sleek packaging perfect for gifting.

Buy GlenDronach 21yr Parliament | GlenDronach 21yr Parliament Whiskey Raider Reviews

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