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The Legal Battle Continues for Mariah Carey’s Black Irish Liqueur Brand

On August 16, 2021, Mariah Carey announced that her new Black Irish Cream Liqueur would finally be released after two years in the making.

However, it has come to light that the singer has been battling over the trademark Black Irish with Darker Still Spirits Co Ltd for over a year. This group of entrepreneurs has already bottled an alcoholic drink with the same “Black Irish” name as Carey’s liqueur. Mariah Carey is said to have chosen this name as a nod to her heritage. She is the daughter of an Irish woman and a father who is Black-Venezuelan.

“It’s, like, my mother’s white – she’s so Irish, she loves Ireland, she’s like, yay, Ireland! Waving the flag and singing When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. And that’s great. I appreciate that and respect it. But there’s a whole other side of me that makes me who I am and makes people uncomfortable. My father identified as a black man. No one asked him because he was clearly black. But people always ask me. If we were together, people would look at us in a really strange way. It sucked. As a little girl, I had blond hair, and they’d look at me, look at him, and be disgusted.” Carey was quoted back in 2009.

Sadly, this means that until this trademark issue is resolved, Carey’s Black Irish Cream Liqueur can not be sold in Europe as the European Union Intellectual Property Office filings reveal that the singer’s legal team has been battling over the trademark of the Black Irish name in EU for a year already.

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