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The Most Sustainable Glass Whisky Bottle Is Almost Here- Thanks To Diageo

Diageo Trial Sustainable Glass Whisky Bottle

Diageo Trial Sustainable Glass Whisky Bottle (Image via Diageo)

Diageo, the distiller for brands such as Johnnie Walker, Lagavulin, and Crown Royal, has collaborated with glass manufacturer Encirc to produce glass whisky bottles with the lowest carbon footprint ever created for a scotch bottle.

The new project will use waste-based biofuel-powered furnaces to reduce the environmental impact of the bottle-making process by up to 90%. According to the Diageo site, the initial trial produced 173,000 Black & White bottles using 100% recycled glass, making the batch the most environmentally friendly ever produced for a Scotch whisky brand.

At this point in the project, more work needs to be done to scale, says Diageo. “This trial is just a first step in the journey to decarbonise this aspect of our supply chain, and we still have a long way to go, but we are delighted with the results of the collaboration and the platform it creates for future innovation.”

Diageo is in the midst of its plan for a decade of action to tackle climate change. Their bottles are all part of the company’s commitment to transform packaging sustainability, with the ultimate goal of being net-zero emissions from all direct operations by 2030.

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