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These Bourbons Are The Perfect $GME Pickups While You Sell or Hold The Line

Hardly a moment can go by without anyone talking about $GME, stocks, shorts, or WSB this week. Almost overnight, $GME prices are soaring in what may be the most interesting current event in 2021 (so far) as subreddit r/WallStreetBets has managed to blow up the share price of GameStop (GME). The market is paused for now, which gave us some time to think.

A lot of people are considering their luck in getting in at the right time buying shares, or are pondering when to sell. Sure, the goal is to hold as long as possible, but with prices rising like a rocketship straight from hell, it’s hard not to consider the selling potential and the potential profits that are on the table. Whether you’re holding hard or eyeing a cash out – everyone loves a great whiskey when life is going right, and Whiskey Raiders is here to help.

Here are five bottles you shouldn’t ignore when cashing in your shares for a celebration bottle, or for drinking while you hold the line

Micro Payout: Bulleit Blenders Select

A perfect bottle for the safe investors out there. You bought in small, maybe sold early, or are looking forward to a modest payday. Bulleit Blenders select is a big blend with a modest price tag to match. Distilled for Bulleit in Kentucky, this blend of bourbon’s was architected by the masterful Eboni Major. Packed with flavor, and generally available, this sub-$100 bottle is a no brainer for your celebration.

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Modest Payout: Knob Creek 15yr Limited Edition

A bit spendier than the Bulleit, Knob Creek’s new limited edition release in the 15yr format is a perfect $100 bottle if we’ve ever seen one. Performing competently in our aggregate review, even our in house critic loved it – no easy feat. Featuring a fancy gift box as well, Knob Creek 15yr Limited Edition hits a different taste profile than their lauded Single Barrel Reserve releases. At 50% ABV, it packs plenty of punch, while also working well in a cocktail.

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Pro Payout: Barrell Bourbon 15yr

Stepping things up quite a bit, Barrell Bourbon blends a behemoth batch of barrels to create one of their best products that we’ve tried. It’s going to cost a bit more – generally around $200 – but if you made out like a bandit in your early sell off, this bottle is not one to miss. Bold oak, rich tobacco and old dusty notes give this release a bouquet of flavors and as a result, its 91 rating on Whiskey Raiders is no surprise.

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Jackpot: Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition 2020

One of the hardest to find annual limited editions to release each year, Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition 2020 release blends together several of Four Roses most notorious recipes at some extreme ages. Spicy, floral, sweet, just the right amount of oak. Four Roses killed it with this bottling, and if you’re looking at a killing from $GME – look no further.

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Max Tendies: Kentucky Owl Dry State

Alright, you did it. You’re all in, headed to the moon. Or maybe you cashed in, sold all your shares. Who knows what another day will bring, especially as market freezes are becoming common. We get it. With a potential mountain of cash at your feet, it’s time to look to the top of the shelf. The glass case. No standard shelfie will do.

Thankfully, Kentucky Owl sees you. A bottle nobody in their right mind should buy for just any occasion, Kentucky Owl Dry State is a $1,000 bourbon with the display box to match. We know about as much about this bourbon as we do about the next hot stock – very little.

Distilled in Kentucky and bottled at 57.5% ABV, that’s where the details end. Produced to celebrate the end of Prohibition, this bottle will toast appropriately to the end of venture capital reigns on GameStop. If you made the ultimate sell on GME, this release is the ultimate YOLO buy.

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