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Buffalo Trace Uncorks New Rare Bourbon Expression

Buffalo Trace is releasing a one-time-only Warehouse C edition of their E.H. Taylor, Jr lineup this spring and in honor of Col. Evan Hensley Taylor’s memory.

According to Buffalo Trace’s official statement, The ten-year-old Bottled in Bond bourbon was aged and matured at Warehouse C, a barrel warehouse built by Col. Taylor himself as the last piece of his “model distillery.” So it’s easy to understand why this is where he would have been most proud – after all, it does get its own feature on one side of the lithograph book commissioned by Colonel Taylor himself!

When the warehouse was originally built, barrels were used to roll from floor to floor manually. The floors each hold 24000 barrels and weigh approximately 500 pounds when filled – a task that must have been quite difficult. Nowadays, an elevator is installed in Warehouse C for much easier barrel distribution throughout all six levels. The perfect aging environment is difficult to come by, but the re-design of warehouse C when the elevator was put in allows for good airflow throughout all floors. This makes it an excellent choice for new and old barrels alike.

Warehouse C Bourbon in the E.H. Taylor, Jr. lineup

Everything You Need To Know About Warehouse C Bourbon

The Warehouse C release from E.H. Taylor Jr., one-time-only and extremely limited, is a vintage representation of the spirit in its distinct canister that will be shipped inside an impressive wooden box modeled after the original packaging more than 100 years ago.

“The ideal aging locations for these barrels led to a wonderful flavor combination, with a nose of cherry cobbler with rum sauce and a hint of oak; a palate of cherry cola,
vanilla bean, and toasted oak; and a finish that is long and lingering with a hint of spearmint, coffee, raisin bread and anise.” So Buffalo Trace says of the bourbon.

This Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr bourbon is a special bottling available in early June and has a suggested retail of $69.99 per bottle-750 ml size.


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