Tom Holland Worked as Bartender to Prepare for 'Uncharted'
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Tom Holland Secretly Picked Up Shifts As a Bartender to Prepare for ‘Uncharted’ Role — Until the Bar Kicked Him Out

Film star Tom Holland plays the lead role of Nathan Drake in “Uncharted,” which premiered Friday. In the film, Drake does some bartending. To prepare for the role, Holland picked up shifts at an actual bar in London, the actor revealed in an interview with Sirius XM.

“For me, one of my favorite things about what we do for a living is when you get the opportunity to learn a new skill for a reason, other than you just want to give it a go,” Holland said. “So I went to a bartending school. I ended up doing a few shifts at this bar in London, which was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. And it’s a nice little set piece.”

So holland began working — all without the general manager of the bar knowing.

“I would go in there and take the bartender’s clothes and be in there undercover. It was fun. I enjoyed myself,” he said, adding that his favorite drink to make was an espresso martini, which he called “a lot of fun.”

Once the cat was out of the bag, Holland’s new gig didn’t last long.

“As word spread around town, and people started figuring out that, ‘Apparently, Tom Holland’s bartending at this bar,’ then the general manager started figuring it out,” Holland said. “And then, eventually, I sort of got kicked out.”

Holland said he’s been back to the bar since being sacked, however.

“I have been back to the bar, but it’s a little bit of a rocky relationship at the minute. I’ve been giving them a lot of press though, so they just shut up and let me back.”

Holland first mentioned his secret bartending gig in a profile with GQ in November, but this is the first we’re hearing of him getting kicked out. The GQ interview suggested that the bar in question was Chiltern Firehouse, an upscale hotel bar.

Clearly, Holland’s training paid off. Check out his bartending scene in “Uncharted” below.

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