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Trader Joe’s Bringing High Proof Buffalo Trace To Shelves in 2021

We’ve been buying wine by the truckload for parties and gatherings at Trader Joe’s since the day they dropped their house brand. In the spirits department, though, Trader Joe’s has always been kind of a snooze.

Sure, the hip, ultra progressive, grocery chain has carried a whiskey for a long time, but it’s never been particularly remarkable. It’s inexpensive, distilled in Tennessee, and bottled for Trader Joe’s.

That said, Trader Joe’s is swinging for the fences with a new bourbon release. Bottled by Buffalo Trace, this barrel entry proof offering sits between their old bottling (40% ABV) and something that’s completely undiluted like Stagg Jr. 125 proof (62.5% ABV) is still nothing to sneeze at, and should add a bit of complexity to the bottling.

We’ve got no word on the age of the bourbon, but the provenance is enough to be interested. Likely also distilled by a Sazerac brand (Sazerac owns Buffalo Trace) it’s not unreasonable to assume this will be distilled at Barton (another Sazerac brand) and bottled by a Buffalo Trace facility for sale. Many of Trader Joe’s most famous beverages are contract sourced, like their annual Belgian style beers and imperial stouts.

Right now, just the label has been approved through the TTB, so no word on when we can expect to see Trader Joe’s new bourbon whiskey on shelves, but you can bet that when we do, we’ll get it up and reviewed, pronto here at Whiskey Raiders.

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