YouTube Star Trevor Wallace Pokes fun at Whiskey Drinkers
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‘I Drink Whiskey Because I AM Better Than Everybody’: YouTube Star Trevor Wallace Takes Swing at Whiskey Drinkers in Hilarious New Video

Longtime fans of whiskey – and neat drinkers of spirits in general – will recognize many of the standard tropes that come with whiskey drinking. Whiskey stones, ice, Jack & cokes made with top-shelf whiskey – we’ve seen it all. If you had a dollar for every time you heard the word “smooth”…you could run out and buy more whiskey.

YouTube star Trevor Wallace, has more than 2 million followers as a top creator on the platform, and Monday he took a swing at the whiskey enthusiast community. Admittedly, the piece filmed at Bluegrass Distillers in Lexington Kentucky is hysterical. Entirely accurate? No. Pretty comical? Definitely.

The first thing many people assume when you announce that you like whiskey is the character Trevor portrays. Stuck up, elitist, dressed like a day on Wall Street, and a preposterous watch and mustache combination. “Snob” is probably the best word many would describe folks who sip out of Glencairn glasses and wax poetic about tasting notes.

“This sh*t is a hundred proof, you could start a damn Yamaha with it”,  is a hilarious take on the difference between high-proof whiskey enthusiasts and folks trying whiskey in a casual setting. Some whiskey releases can top 70% – what’s known as a “Hazmat” release – that’s 140 proof. In fact, many bourbon drinkers love 100 proof whiskey and have little trouble drinking it. Anything Bottled-In-Bond is bottled at 100 proof, after all.

While not all of the tropes in Wallace’s video are completely true — very little of the whiskey community is aggressively elitist or downright as snobbish as portrayed — it’s a hilarious look at reliving the early days of finding your place in the whiskey hobby. It also mirrors people’s expectations of what an enthusiast may look like in their mind and provides a hilarious commentary on some of the intimidation that can come with chatting with experts in any hobby.

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