VIDEO: Matthew McConaughey Appears in New Ad for Wild Turkey
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WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Delivers Soaring Tribute to Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller in New Ad

Matthew McConaughey is the face of many things by way of film, advertising and social media. The serial actor has found success in a great deal of movies, the notable Lincoln automobile ad re-brand and most recently: becoming a beacon for Wild Turkey’s ad campaigns and the release of Longbranch Bourbon.

In a new ad posted by Wild Turkey’s Australian branch, McConaughey has a soaring delivery that seeks to highlight an often forgotten component of making special bourbon. He’s, of course, referencing the role of Master Distiller. Jimmy Russell is one of the master distillers effectively working to deliver great bourbon via the Wild Turkey and Longbranch brands, since 1954.

In his latest video – titled ‘Trust Your Spirit’ – Matthew pairs an upbeat, trendy tune with a soaring monologue praising Jimmy’s prowess. “How do you know what a bourbon should taste like, if you don’t know what it shouldn’t taste like? Well, sometimes, you just know. And Jimmy knew”, quips McConaughey. Wild Turkey 101, a hallmark of Jimmy’s tenure, is a well regarded, mid shelf bottling that draws in drinkers by the drove.

With the recent news of some other products leaving the Wild Turkey skunkworks – like Master’s Keep One – we’ll just have to hope they trust their spirit with those releases as well.

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