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Waterford Announces World’s 1st Biodynamic Whiskey

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Waterford Whisky created the world’s first biodynamic whisky.

Irish distillery Waterford Whisky announced Monday that it has created the world’s first whisky made from biodynamic barley.

The whisky is called Biodynamic: Luna 1.1.

Biodynamic agriculture is a form of agriculture similar to organic farming that aims to ensure elf-sustainability of soil by using special manures and herbal preparations to enhance soil health. Biodynamic farming has become common in winemaking but is a new concept to the whisky world.

Waterford’s biodynamic techniques for growing barley include:

  • Burying manure-packed cow horns to ferment underground
  • Creating plant treatments and natural compost fertilizers to stimulate microbial activity
  • “Following the natural rhythms of the lunar calendar”

Waterford said in a news release that the purpose of these techniques is to produce “vibrant, chemical-free living soil.”

About Biodynamic: Luna

21,000 bottles of the biodynamic whiskey are available worldwide, with a recommended selling price of about $125.

Biodynamic: Luna is matured in a combination of 35% first-fill U.S. oak, 17% virgin U.S. oak, 26% Premium French oak and 22% Vin Doux Naturel oak.

Tasting notes from Waterford: apricot jam, lemon drizzle cake, milk chocolate with almonds, earthiness, bread pudding, brown sugar, tea, with intense spices, dark chocolate, a vibrant maltiness and extreme flavour persistence.

Waterford Whisky claims to be “on a quest to unearth whisky’s most natural flavours.” It describes itself as “unashamedly influenced by the world’s greatest winemakers.”

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