VIDEO: Ludacris Chugs Colorado Whiskey From the Bottle
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‘WHEW!’ Watch Ludacris’ Wide-Eyed Reaction After Chugging Colorado Whiskey Straight From The Bottle

True to his 2008 collaboration with T-Pain, Ludacris saw fit to take One More Drink on his recent segment with the frontman of bourbon: Fred Minnick.

After Fred explains the difference between regular oak and the special Aspen staves that 291 Distillery uses to finish their Colorado Whiskey, Minnick mentions that Ludacris’ favorite scotch: Lagavulin 16 – may bear some resemblance.

Opting to skip the whiskey glass or a Glencairn, Ludacris takes a pull straight from the bottle. After a wild eyed expression and a moments pause: “That has a distinctive taste to it”, he muses. before correctly guessing there’s some cherry wood influence in there as well.

American Whiskey is noted for its strict requirement to use Virgin American Oak for Bourbon Whiskey – but Bourbon can be finished with other wood types (a secondary maturation). American Whiskey can also be produced and matured in different types of oak, or re-used oak. The wide array of flavors present in 291’s Colorado whiskey no doubt come from finishing with Aspen staves, and cherry wood.

“This is good, bro! Wow!” Ludacris exclaims as he finishes his bottle pull and reads the label.

While using a glass is always the best way to get all the notes a whiskey has to offer – sometimes it’s just easier to drink straight from the bottle.

Catch the full episode on The Fred Minnick Show

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