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Top 5 Whiskey Clubs to Join

Whiskey Club

Join a whiskey club this World Whisky Day. (Photo: Jane Barlow/PA Wire; Press Association via AP Images)

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to join a whiskey club, may we suggest World Whisky Day? The global holiday takes place every third Saturday of May, when whisky lovers everywhere toast with a good dram.

For those of us who wouldn’t mind going a little bit further than a simple glass of whiskey, signing up for a whiskey club is an exciting prospect. We’re going to run down the best whiskey clubs out there, in no particular order.

These clubs offer a variety of price points, with several having multiple tier options at different pricing. Lower prices are always nice, but of course, as a rule of thumb while selecting a club, the more expensive the membership you pay for, the better and rare whiskeys you’ll be likely to receive.

These whiskey clubs are great for novices and enthusiasts alike.


Flaviar’s base membership will send you a bottle or tasting box of a few samples each month for $60. Easily giftable and customizable, Flaviar is a solid option to buy for yourself or a whiskey-loving friend or family member.

The downside to Flaviar is it’s only available in 25 states, so it’ll be a coin flip as to whether you can purchase it. Plus, shipping is only free on orders over $60, and the base price for the subscription is $60.

Learn more and sign up for Flaviar here.

Mash and Grape

With Mash and Grape, you can delve beyond whiskey. The club offers options for whiskey, but also tequila, gin and rum. Mash and Grape curates bottle selections and sends a bottle, as well as tasting notes.

Learn more and sign up for the Mash and Grape club here.

Whiskey Raiders Bottle of the Month Club

Whiskey Raiders is going above and beyond with its brand-new Bottle of the Month Club. Each month, subscribers will be sent a hard-to-find, prestigious bottle rated 90 or higher by the Whiskey Raiders Raided aggregate score. Each bottle will be hand-selected by spirits critic Jay West, aka t8ke.

Once subscribers have their bottles, West will guide them through a virtual live tasting and dive into history, tasting notes and beyond, often joined by special guests from the brands whose whiskeys are being enjoyed.

A premium club with more expensive bottles than lower-priced competitors, the Whiskey Raiders Bottle of the Month Club is priced at $124.99 per month, although the monthly price is lowered for consumers who buy three or six months upfront. Shipping is free.

This club is still in its infancy, so if you’re interested in signing up, we recommend doing so in May, while the early-bird discount is available.

Learn more and sign up for the Whiskey Raiders Bottle of the Month Club here.


Another club that offers variety, PourMore has options for general whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila, mezcal, rum and even rosé.

Starting at only $49, PourMore offers one of the most inexpensive starting points on the market. Of course, the downside here is that the bottles will be lower-priced and less distinctive than more premium clubs. Of course, PourMore has pricier options, as well, offering $79 and $129 monthly plans.

Learn more and sign up for PourMore here.

Shots Box

Shots Box is exactly what it sounds like — a service that sends boxes of shot-sized mini-bottle of liquor. If small sips of multiple whiskeys is your thing, this might just be up your alley.

A monthly subscription to the Shots Box Club can be purchased for $359.99 for six months of $599 for a year. The annual membership comprises six Whiskey Club Boxes and six 750-milliliter bottles. Members who sign up for the annual option will receive a pair of Glencairn glasses and a complimentary bottle of whiskey.

Learn more and sign up for Shots Box here.

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