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Whiskey Stones: Avoid Your Dentist’s Favorite Gift This Father’s Day

Outrun The Rock

Looking for the perfect gift to get for your whiskey loving family member or friend?  If you try searching Google, you’ll come across plenty of articles and lists that include whiskey stones in their recommendations.  Esquire.com includes two different whiskey stones in their “The 35  Best Gifts for People Who Take Their Whiskey Seriously” ranking for 2021. 

In theory, Whiskey Stones seem like a great alternative to ice cubes to chill your whiskey without diluting it. However, the practice quickly turns into worrying with every sip if the stones will stay at the bottom of the glass or will you have to schedule your next dentist appointment.  Add in the risk of breaking your favorite glass and having to awkwardly clean them, they might get used once or twice before being placed in the back of a drawer.

Better Gifts Are Easy To Find

In light of that – what should you gift instead to a whiskey enthusiast?  Glassware is always a great option, as long as you ignore the novelty shot glasses.  If the recipient likes their whiskey on the rocks, the Norlan Rauk Tumbler is an excellent option that fits well in your hand, features high quality and a great size for ice cubes or spheres.  Should they prefer to drink neat instead, the Glencairn Glass is always an excellent option. Finally, help them to take their nosing game further, the Riedel Performance will take their whiskey experience to the next level.

Cocktail ingredients can also be a great way to expand a whiskey drinker’s experience.  Bitter’s are a great ingredient to keep around to elevate simple cocktails and compliment whiskies rather than try to drown them out.  Woodford Reserve has a line of barrel aged bitters that would provide a high quality product and in depth flavor to your favorite whiskey cocktail. 

If you think the person may want to dip their toes in more complex cocktails, Liber and Co. in Austin, TX produces top of the line syrups at a great price that outperforms any of the cheap ones you’d find at your local grocery store.

Best Gifts, Stones Down

If you still aren’t sure about what the whiskey drinker in your life might like, there’s one thing you can’t go wrong with: Whiskey! 

Whether they love bourbon, rye, or fine Scottish Single Malts, any whiskey drinker will appreciate the thought and having another bottle to enjoy.  Eagle Rare, Elijah Craig Small Batch, and Wild Turkey 101 are all great options that a bourbon drinker would enjoy, and if they like higher proof offerings, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve and Old Forester 1920 should always be welcome in a bar. 

Rye drinkers would certainly be happy unwrapping a bottle of Pikesville Rye, WhistlePig 10 Year Single Barrel, or Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye

Scotch can be a bit more varied with price and flavor, but Glendronach 12 Year provides wonderful sherry influenced fruit flavor, Talisker 10 Year combines bourbon cask notes with some light peaty smoke, and Ardbeg Wee Beastie is perfect for the drinker who likes their whiskey to taste like their favorite bbq.

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