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82-Page ‘Whisky Bottle Investment Guide’ Released by Broker to Kickstart Budding Investors

Whisky Bottle Investment Guide

Whisky broker Mark Littler’s “Whisky Bottle Investment Guide” is 82 pages long and available for free download. (Photo: Mark Littler)

With the increase in popularity of collecting and investing in rare whiskey bottles becomes more popular, United Kingdom-based whiskey broker Mark Littler is trying to help upcoming whisky investors. Littler’s company, Mark Littler Ltd., has launched an extensive, 82-page guide to investing in whisky, called the “Whisky Bottle Investment Guide.” Littler said his goal is to “cut through the hyperbole and bust some of the whisky investment myths.”

According to the website, Mark Littler Ltd., is “dedicated to providing the education and tools needed to make good, rational investment choices over a long-term period. This guide will suit those embarking on their investment journey as well as those looking to expand their collection. This 80-page guide is an in-depth history and analysis of the market to help you make the best investment choices.”

The guide, which you can download for free on the website by entering your name and email address, comprises 14 chapters, split up into two sections. Here is an overview:

Section 1

  • Chapter 1: The Market Overview
  • Chapter 2: Whisky Indexes: What are They & how are They Useful?
  • Chapter 3: From Drink to Status Symbol: How Perceptions Have Changed
  • Chapter 4: Vintage Collectable Whisky
  • Chapter 5: Modern Releases
  • Chapter 6: The Transition Period: 2000-2010
  • Chapter 7: Case Study: Black Bowmore, Ultra Rare Whisky or Modern Release?

Section 2

  • Chapter 8: How to Know What to Collect
  • Chapter 9: Where to buy
  • Chapter 10: How to Value Your Collection
  • Chapter 11: How to Store Your Whisky
  • Chapter 12: How to Insure Your Collection
  • Chapter 13: The Future of Whisky Investment?
  • Chapter 14: Summary and Conclusions

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