Whisky Vault: Best Way to Protect Your Whiskey Collection
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Overkill or a Sigh of Relief? You Can Now Buy a Bulletproof Vault for Your Priceless Whiskey Collection

Whisky Vault

Image via Whisky Vault.

The whiskey world is buzzing and serious whisk(e)y collectors everywhere can rejoice as a new company called Whisky Vault has created a vault to store your most precious commodity: expensive whiskey.

Each vault includes a bulletproof window, so collectors no longer have to sacrifice showing off their prized bottles for safety’s sake. Now, guests can come over and admire the collection without the worry of sticky fingers or worse — someone opening a bottle meant for saving.

Aside from the bulletproof window, each vault offers the following safety features:

  • Solid steel plate construction
  • Three 25mm vault door locking bolts
  • Tri-spoke handle machined from aircraft aluminum
  • Ul certified la gard electronic lock system
  • Solid exotic wood cabinet with 800-kilogram capacity leveling casters
  • Individually numbered and custom built to order

There has been a notable upswing in whiskey and spirit theft worldwide recently as collecting fine spirits, particularly whiskey, is growing in popularity rapidly. It only makes sense that companies are jumping at the chance to commodify collectors hoping to keep their stashes safe.

The Whisky Vault is priced at $6,000 and can be ordered at www.whiskyvault.tw. Delivery time is listed at eight to 12 weeks.

That’s exactly how this safe-and-cabinet combo came to life. It was created by a collector, who knows firsthand what it’s like to worry about whiskey going missing. He set out to create the perfect safe that would protect and display the bottles he worked hard to get his hands on.

The reaction to the new novelty safe has been enthusiastic, to say the least. All of the attention it’s received from the media only implies one thing: This new security option for your whiskey is a much-needed addition to the whiskey collecting world.

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