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WhistlePig, Ben & Jerry’s Join Forces

Is there anything better than Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? Yes. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream infused with WhistlePig’s Piggy Back Rye. The two Vermont Natives have paired up in what is easily the dream team we’ve all been waiting for. 

“We’re lucky to have incredibly innovative neighbors like Ben & Jerry’s who love to collaborate as much as we do. We’re honored to be able to announce our partnership on one of their brand-new ‘Topped’ flavors, Whiskey Biz™.” From WhistlePig’s official announcement.

The flavor boasts Whiskey-infused caramel, swirled in brown butter bourbon ice cream, with blonde brownie chunks, topped with white chocolate ganache and white chocolate chunks. 

The PiggyBack Rye complements the caramel it is infused with perfectly. Despite the rye content being so high, (100% to be exact) there is lots of toffee and a hint of vanilla in the flavor. 

However, don’t dive into a pint expecting an overwhelming whiskey flavor. The flavor is incredible and no doubt a new fan favorite, but expect a hint of whiskey, not a shot.

Both Whiskey Biz and WhistlePig’s Piggyback Rye are available in stores nationwide. – and don’t forget to check out the Piggyback Rye reviews on Whiskey Raiders. We can tell you right now though, both the icecream and the whiskey belong on the top shelf.

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