WhistlePig Founder Debuts Scotch-Finished BHAKTA Armagnac
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WhistlePig Founder Raj Bhakta Just Dropped a 50-Year Armagnac Finished in Scotch Casks, Named After Mahatma Gandhi


(Photo: BHAKTA Spirits)

WhistlePig Whiskey founder Raj Bhakta is a back with a new high-end booze release.

The latest release from BHAKTA SPIRITS is an Armagnac. Armagnacs are brandies produced in the Armagnac region in Gascony, France.

The spirit is the 24th installment of BHAKTA 50. Bottled at 97 proof, Barrel 24 is named “Gandhi.” It was finished in an Islay scotch cask and bottled in Condom, France. Only 591 bottles were produced, making this a very limited release. It can be purchased from the BHAKTA Spirits online shop.

Each barrel of BHAKTA 50 is named for a historical figure. This barrel honors the renowned lawyer, nationalist and ethicist Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi is remembered for his nonviolent resistance against British rule over India.

“BHAKTA 50 Barrel 24: ‘Gandhi’ highlights the heroism of icon Mahatma Gandhi through its blend of astoundingly old Armagnac vintages,” co-founder Leo Gibson said in a news release. “The 1868 vintage found in each bottle was harvested just one year before Gandhi was born. An Indian innovator of Gujarati descent — just like our Founder, Raj Peter Bhakta — Gandhi was studying law in London when the 1888 vintage was harvested; the 1924 vintage saw him released from prison in India for his so-called ‘political crimes,’ and then promptly elected the 43rd President of the Indian National Congress. With this bottle, we toast the trailblazers who defy injustice, show a better path forward for humanity, and stand up for the fundamental rights of their people.”

This is the 24th of 38 single barrels of BHAKTA 50 that will ever be produced. BHAKTA 50 ranges in age from 50 to 150 years old.

Consumers can purchase the entire BHAKTA 50 Collection — which comprises two bottles from each of the expression’s 38 barrels — for $30,000 through the brand’s Stockholder Program.

BHAKTA Spirits is best known for its Armagnac and Brandy. In March, however, Bhakta returned to his whiskey roots with the launch of a bourbon, Fittingly, it was finished in Armagnac casks.

BHAKTA 50 Barrel 24: ‘Gandhi’ Tasting Notes, Via the Brand

Color: Deep amber orange

Nose: White cherry blossoms, orange, and stewed prunes

Taste: Cigar boxes, dark chocolate, leather armchairs, and toasted nuts

Finish: Intense, definitive finish

About Raj Bhakta

Bhakta was a  contestant non the second season of the reality show “The Apprentice.” He’s best known for founding WhistlePig but was ousted from the company in 2019.

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