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Matthew McConaughey’s Created A Celebrity Bourbon That Doesn’t Suck

Matthew McConaughey and Master Distiller Eddie Russell / Photo Courtesy of Wild Turkey

Not Another One

Honestly, I’m surprised I get to write this at all. Celebrities getting into whiskey is really …. nothing ….. new. Celebrities getting into spirits in general is nothing new in the slightest. From gin, to tequila, to rum, to whiskey – celebrity booze is lucrative and often full to the brim with pitfalls.

Celebrity booze excluding Longbranch, that is.

Matthew McConaughey has recently teamed up with Campari owned American whiskey distiller Wild Turkey to release Longbranch. Longbranch started as a product under the Wild Turkey umbrella, but since has been buffed up and set free to be its own – the brand even has its own instagram and appears to be getting a little extra love from MM himself.


Longbranch as a whiskey isn’t immediately impressive on paper but it’s unique enough and features the things we like to see in a well made bourbon: straight bourbon designation, 40+% ABV and a reasonable price tag. Honestly, it’s not going to win any Top Whiskey of the Year awards, but that’s just fine. Longbranch is $35, filtered with Mesquite and it’s a damn fine bourbon. Weighing in at 88 Points here at Whiskey Raiders, it’s performing extremely well among aggregates.

McConaughey and Eddie Russell are reported to have worked on bringing Longbranch to life over almost two years, and their efforts show. While a bit thin on the palate, Longbranch is certainly not short on flavor, and works in neat drinking, cocktails or on the rocks. If you’re looking for more from Longbranch, check out their Instagram.

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