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New Whiskey Trend Aims To Stop Hangovers In Their Tracks

Whiskey provides an outlet to experience flavors and sensations you’d never expect to get from just a few ingredients, some heat, and time in a barrel. That said, there are definite downsides to it as well.  We always advocate to drink responsibly, but sometimes you just want to continue to taste more of those flavors which may end up in some regret the next morning.  Headache, nausea, fatigue can often make you regret that extra pour.  What if you could drink whiskey without any worry of how you will feel the following day?  What about never feeling guilty about that extra glass or cocktail during the work week?  What about drinking at your job and not having to hide it in a flask?

Non-Alcoholic Whiskies have started hitting the market.  That’s right.  Non.  Alcoholic.  Whiskey.  

Drink Monday has recently announced the release of their Monday Whiskey, which is produced keto and paleo friendly, with zero carbs, sugar, or calories.  They don’t reveal details of the process, but do note that it is aged in white oak to help replicate the taste of aged whiskies that we are familiar with.  

Generally, we think of whiskies as using alcohol as a vessel to deliver flavor and using additives or infusion, or chemicals, or however they do it, are frowned upon, but with no alcoholic content, how does it taste?

Breaking Bourbon recently sat down to review a different, non-alcoholic whiskey to see if it mirrors it’s spirituous counterpart.  Jordan was tasked with tasting the “Arkay Alcohol-Free Bourbon” that contains a mix of chemicals along with natural and artificial flavors and additives.  A dominating note of “wet ash” found its way across the nose all the way to the finish resulting in the single worst review that Breaking Bourbon has given out.  Even mixing with ginger ale couldn’t mask the negative notes.  

Drink Monday did report that their non-alcoholic gin had sales over $1 million in the first 9 months, so maybe there is an emerging market and maybe some products might rise to be more composed with its flavors.  Around $50 a bottle though, it’s hard to recommend over actual whiskies that cost the same or less, and just work on staying hydrated or leaving the extra pours for the weekends.

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