Woman Claims COVID-19 Left Her Unable to Taste Whiskey
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Woman Claims COVID-19 has Stripped Her of Ability to Distinguish Whiskey From Soda, Hot Sauce, Water or Vinegar


When your friend still doesn’t have her taste back after COVID! ##michigan ##covid ##tastetest

♬ original sound – Brooke Edison

A TikTok user, Brooke Edison, took to the platform to show just how seriously COVID-19’s assault on the senses of taste and scent can be. In the video, Edison shows a friend of hers who hasn’t yet recovered her taste and smell after being sick with COVID-19. By straw, she tastes from six cups, labeled outwardly so the camera can see what each contains but the taster presumably cannot.

The first cup is labeled Fireball. After tasting, all the woman has to offer is “I got nothing,” adding that all she can tell is that it’s cold.

The next cup is Diet Coke. Again, it’s cold, that’s all. Next up is whiskey, which she describes as “Menthol-y.” Next, hot sauce, about which all she can identify is its texture (“thicker”). She finishes up by tasting water (“cold”) and vinegar (“I don’t know”).

Several commenters accused the video of being fake. In a follow-up video, meant to prove the validity, we see the woman pour Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire, then Coca Cola, then Irish whiskey (Kirkland, a Costco brand). She is unable to identify any taste in the first too but again believes the Irish whiskey tastes like Menthol. She concludes by pouring vinegar into the cup and tasting that with no reaction. This video doesn’t necessarily prove the validity beyond a shadow of a doubt, but tasting Tennessee Fire, Irish whiskey and vinegar without giving any sort of reaction would be quite impressive.


Reply to @roankardashian Here is to everyone that said the video was fake! Still no taste after COVID! ##covid ##tastetest ##michigan

♬ original sound – Brooke Edison

Edison released a third video in the series, as a response to a comment that claimed the video was likely fake since hot sauce is spicy and should burn regardless of taste or smell.

In counter to this claim, the woman sucked on a lemon, ate a piece of jalapeno pepper and downed a spoonful of garlic, with no reaction beyond “juicy” for the lemon and “crunchy” for the jalapeno.


Reply to @luphena part 3 of still no taste after COVID! 😳😳😳 ##covid ##tastetest ##michigan

♬ original sound – Brooke Edison

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