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Even The World’s Best Selling Whiskies Aren’t As Big As You Might Think

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Despite the boom of the whiskey industry in the last several years, Baiju still dominates the global spirit market with its immense popularity in Asia.  Brand Finance, a valuation consulting company, released their data for the 10 most valuable brands in the world, and while Baiju accounts for the top 5 on the list and a whopping 85% of the revenue found on the list, two well known whiskies found themselves in their company.

It certainly feels like any bar you go into, from the fanciest specialty whiskey ones to the tiny holes in the wall, you will find at least a bottle of Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker Red Label.  The data backs this, as the two top the whiskey world in terms of revenue.  Jack Daniels comes in at 6th with a value of $3.388 billion USD and Johnnie Walker slips in at number 10 with a value of $2.398 billion USD.  Even with the whiskey at an all time high of popularity, brands will need to do something to win over the Asian market if they want to compete with the Chinese brands, as the top earner, Moutai, commands a whooping $45.333 billion USD value.

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