World's Oldest Person, 118, Enjoys Daily Glass of Wine
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World’s Oldest Person is a Nun Whose ‘Longevity Secret’ is a Glass of Wine Per Day

The oldest person living is Lucile Randon, aka Sister André, born in France on Feb. 11, 1904. She was 118 years and 73 days old, as verified on April 25 by the Guinness Book of World Records.

David Tavella, the activity leader at the nursing home where Randon resides, said: “Her glass of wine which maintains her and is perhaps her longevity secret.” He also said she enjoys her sweets and eats chocolate regularly.

Being the World’s Oldest Person also makes Sister André the World’s Oldest Nun, Woman, and COVID-19 Survivor. Sister André was alive during the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918. Although when she contracted COVID-19 in 2021, she told The Guardian that “she didn’t even realize that she had it.”

So what is it about wine, particularly red wine, that offers health benefits? Healthline suggests that a glass of red wine per day can reduce inflammation, improve overall heart health and reduce blood pressure. Frankly, no matter its method, if it gets a person to 118 years, it’s worth trying, especially when that means you get to drink one glass of wine per day.

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