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Top 10 Whiskeys Under $100 to Start Your Home Bar With

If you’re looking to build your home bar around a rock-solid collection of whiskeys but are unsure where to start, we’ve built a collection of terrific options of whiskeys under $100. The best part? They are also relatively attainable, making your perfect bar just a couple bottles away!

Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon

Whiskeys Under $100

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Released in 2020 and typically found for between $50 and $70, Knob Creek 12 Year is our pick for the best-value whiskey on the market right now.

This 100-proof bourbon features notes of fresh berries, sweet cream and caramel on the nose; a creamy texture and notes of nougat, pepper, cocoa and cherry on the palate; and a long finish with sweet brown butter, chocolate-covered cherries, peanut brittle and creme brûlée.

Overall, this is an excellent and enticing release from Beam. Where else can you find age stated, 12yr bourbon for under $100?

Barrell Bourbon Batch 033

Whiskeys Under $100

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Distilled in Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana, this release contains 5, 6, 7 and 9-year-old barrels. Bottled at cask strength, this 116.6-proof bourbon can be found for a suggested retail price of $85.

Barrell Craft Spirits is one of the best whiskey blenders in the U.S., bar none. Just about any BCS release these days has been killing it in terms of quality, and this particular batch is a great one, with a bright and sweet corn-forward nose; a rich, viscous, sweet palate with a touch of heat; and a long finish that works well.

Fans with a sweet tooth and no aversion to lighter, sweeter tannins will be wowed by this batch.

Tincup Fourteener Bourbon

Whiskeys Under $100

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This brand-new whiskey from Colorado whiskey brand Tincup is its oldest release yet, aged 14 years.

Made from a mashbill of 64% corn, 32% rye and 4% barley, Tincup Fourteener is cut down to 84 proof with El Dorado spring water from just south of Boulder, Colorado.

This release is positioned to serve a dramatically underserved market: buyers of affordable, high-age-statement, moderate-proof whiskey. There isn’t a lot out there in this space, and this does great at what it’s supposed to do. If moderately proofed whiskey with an exceptional finish is your jam, this is worth a snag.

Plus, it’s a snazzy bottle. Each Tincup bottle is topped with — you guessed it — a tin cup, which can function as a measuring tool to mix cocktails for your bar. Between the tin cup and hexagonal bottle featuring embossed text, this bottle is sure to look great on your bar.

This is a limited-edition release from Tincup, so if you’re hoping to snatch it up, you’d better go quick. The good news is that it is the first in what will be an annual series of releases, so if you miss out this year, keep your eyes peeled next December.

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Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon

Whiskeys Under $100

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This bourbon is a classic for a reason. It’s higher-octane without becoming overpowering, and the high rye content gives it a spicy character that works great for cocktails.

This whiskey won’t blow you away, but at 94 proof, it’s an entry-level crowd pleaser, and for a price tag in the mid-twenties, this is a very solid option.

Pursuit United Bourbon

Whiskeys Under $100

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A blend of whiskeys distilled In Kentucky (Bardstown Bourbon Company), Tennessee (undisclosed) and New York (Finger Lakes Distilling), Pursuit United is the brainchild of Kenny Coleman and Ryan Cecil of Pursuit Spirits.

Enjoyable and a testament to the power of competent blending, this is a bold and captivating blend with a really nice oak structure. Hints of youth are barely perceptible amid a great orchestra of flavors. Priced at $65, Pursuit United is a big release from a small brand, and it works in any setting.

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Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash

Whiskeys Under $100

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A blend of three bottled-in-bond whiskeys, Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash is a blend of American, rye and malted whiskeys. It’s bottled at 50% ABV as all things bonded must be and is available countrywide for around $30. This is a definite reach for Jack Daniel’s, well outside of its typical wheelhouse, and when it launched, it piqued the interest and excitement of whiskey fans everywhere.

This whiskey features sweet cream, cake batter, raisin bread, honey and sweet plum on the nose; rising bread, sweet buttered biscuits, honey and toffee on the palate; and a long and complex finish with loads of red fruits, brown sugar, fresh pastries and satisfying baking spice.

This is available, affordable and possibly the most interesting and delicious off-the-shelf Jack Daniel’s, second to perhaps its Barrel Proof.

Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon

Whiskeys Under $100

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This is slightly higher-proofed than the standard Maker’s Mark and has had some French Oak stave added. This is little sweeter than standard Maker’s on the nose, with much more vanilla. The palate takes a turn, however, a bit spicier and woodier than regular Maker’s.

Overall, this is a very solid whiskey for the price point ($30-$35) that has an extra kick of wood-finishing, making for a spicy influence in a cocktail.

Evan Williams 1783 Bourbon

Whiskeys Under $100

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The least expensive whiskey on this list, Evan Williams 1783 can be found for about $18.

Distilled by Heaven Hill, 1783 has been a cornerstone of the Evan Williams profile for many years, although it often flies under the radar. This 90-proof whiskey is a great mid-shelfer that can perform neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, but don’t expect fireworks from any of the three. A smooth, easy sipper that won’t overpower a cocktail, this is rock solid for the amount of money you’ll spend on it.

Penelope Valencia Bourbon

Whiskeys Under $100

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Distilled at MGP, blended by New Jersey-based Penelope and finished in Vino De Naranja barrels, this is Penelope Valencia. Vino de Naranja, often called “VDN,” is a sweet wine that’s macerated on orange peels, making for a interesting finish compared to more contemporary wines.

Valencia is beautifully composed on the nose, with baking spice, honey, orange marmalade, caramel and a citrus pop. On the palate, it has a nice viscosity and isn’t syrupy sweet or overly fruity. The mashbill works great with the sweet orange wine. The long finish is easily the best part.

Penelope’s use of VDN balances wonderfully with this whiskey’s four-grain mashbill for a pour that’s rich and sweet — but not too sweet — with a great balance of grain and fruit.

Fruity and bold, Penelope Valencia is an experiment gone very right.

Booker’s 2022-02 “The Lumberyard Batch” Bourbon

Whiskeys Under $100

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The second Booker’s release of 2022, this is “The Lumberyard Batch.” Aged for 7 years, 1 month and 7 days, it’s released at 124.8 proof and can typically be found around the $100 mark. On the nose, this bourbon is sweet and complex with tons of nutty funk, oak, toffee and a good deal of caramel and tannin. Creamy on the palate, bourbon delivers a good deal of caramel with graham cracker, pepper and oak. There is a heavy ethanol presence on this 124.8-proof whiskey, but it’s matched with plenty of flavor and character.

Overall, this is a killer pour that leans a touch more into oak and bold character compared to Booker’s 2022-01 release. Fans of Booker’s who wished recent batches were a little more tannic and dry to offset the bold caramels and dessert notes will be pleased.

This is a perfect whiskey for when you just want a solid, strong pour.

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