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Ranking The 7 Best Bourbons Available For Under $30

When it comes to finding the perfect bourbon for a great price, there are many factors to consider. Finding really good bourbons under $30 is no easy task, but here is a breakdown of some of the best options to buy without breaking your budget.

Considering scores from bourbon experts and aficionados, availability at well-stocked stores and of course, price, these bourbons check all of the boxes for what makes a great bargain.

The Best Bourbons Under $30

7. Ancient Ancient Age

Bourbons Under $30

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Ancient Ancient Age Bourbon from Buffalo Trace has been heralded as one of the best values in an unassuming format. Naysayers have written it off due to its plastic bottle presentation, but those who recognize the quality for what it is understand that this is an extremely solid bourbon when you consider the price. Making large format whiskey cocktails for a gathering? Here’s your whiskey .

It may be on the lower tier of Buffalo Trace’s offerings, but that doesn’t make it bad — even connoisseurs are happy to drink this spirit (at least in cocktails) while they save to purchase Buffalo Trace’s higher-end brands.

Ancient Age Stats:

  • Price: Around $10 per 750-milliliter bottle
  • ABV: 45%
  • Age: 3 Years

6. Bulleit Bourbon


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Bulleit Bourbon is a Diageo-owned brand of whiskey that Four Roses previously distilled in Kentucky. Its popularity comes from its level of approachability, making it accessible to those with different preferences in taste.

Despite being simple, Bulleit also remains a staple at many bars or for general home consumption. Though the new producer for Bulleit is currently kept under wraps, it maintains its presence as an easy-to-drink classic.

Bulleit Bourbon Stats:

  • Price: $25 per 750-milliliter bottle
  • ABV: 45%
  • Age: No age statement

5. Old Forester Signature


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Old Forester Signature is a solid option for those who enjoy a good balance of flavor. On top of a vanilla base, it offers a mild spicy kick that adds warmth without being overwhelming and hints of banana. In addition to its great taste, Old Forester Signature offers excellent value for money – overall, a great option for any occasion.

Old Forester Signature Stats:

  • Price: $26 per 750-milliliter bottle
  • ABV: 50%
  • Age: No age statement

4. Knob Creek 9 Year Small Batch


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Knob Creek 9 Year Small Batch is one of the top-selling affordable bourbons out there, and for good reason. The Beam Suntory release has been aged for a full nine years to really draw out its flavor and offers plenty of nice flavors like caramel and cinnamon.

Yet, despite its long aging process, this bourbon still maintains its affordability by retailing right around $30.

Knob Creek 9 Year Small Batch Stats:

  • Price: $30 per 750-milliliter bottle
  • ABV: 50%

  • Age: 9 years

3. Maker’s Mark


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Maker’s Mark is a wheated bourbon from the Maker’s Mark distillery in Kentucky. With a mild yet sweet profile and modest age, proof and price, it has earned its place as a fan favorite.

It drinks smooth with very little ethanol burn and offers notes of brown sugar. Due to its easygoing profile, it can be enjoyed neat or in your preferred cocktail.

Maker’s Mark Stats:

  • Price: $20 per 750-milliliter bottle
  • ABV: 45%
  • Age: No age statement

2. Wild Turkey 101


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Wild Turkey 101 has been around forever and is unmatched when it comes to affordability and potency.

The nose of this whiskey offers aromas of vanilla and cinnamon, but the taste is less sweet than the aroma suggests. The warmth of the burn is there, which adds to Wild Turkey 101’s complexity. Its well-rounded flavor makes it one of the most popular whiskeys available today.

Wild Turkey 101 Stats:

  • Price: $25 per 750-milliliter bottle
  • ABV: 50.5%
  • Age: No age statement

1. Evan Williams Bottled in Bond


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Evan Williams Bottled in Bond is produced by Heaven Hill and is a great example of the sort of value you can get out of well-priced bottled-in-bond whiskeys.

This whiskey has a sweet and spicy balance, with cinnamon as well as vanilla for some sweetness. The taste profile is further rounded out with a buttery feel. Although there is a slight spiciness present, overall, this whiskey boasts a smooth flavor profile that can be enjoyed by even those who shy away from spicier drinks.

Evan Williams Bottled in Bond Stats:

  • Price: $30 per 750-milliliter bottle
  • ABV: 50%
  • Age: No age statement

Honorable Mention if You’d Like to Spend a Little More: Penelope Four Grain Bourbon

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Penelope Bourbon doesn’t qualify for this list due to its $40 price tag, but it’s worth a look despite the extra $10 splurge. This entry-level release from the New Jersey-based Penelope was crafted with a four-grain mashbill and bottled at 80 proof, producing a lighter, more accessible drinking experience than many other bourbons. If you’re hoping to look beyond the “big dogs” of whiskey where lower prices are easier to attain due to scale, this new, craft brand is worth the attention.

The taste boasts classic notes of honey, almonds, toffee and vanilla, plus a hefty dose of cinnamon and oak. For those looking for an enjoyable yet affordable bourbon experience, Penelope Bourbon is certainly that.

Penelope Four Grain Bourbon Stats:

  • Price: $40 per 750-milliliter bottle
  • ABV: 40%
  • Age: No age statement

The moral of this story: Shopping on a budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality! The next time you’re looking for a good bourbon that won’t break the bank, be sure to pick up one of these affordable options.

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