7 Best Whiskeys to Stay Warm With in January 202
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7 Best Whiskeys to Stay Warm With in February 2023

Winter is a great season for hosting cozy gatherings and sipping on your favorite whiskey. Whiskey tends to have a warming effect on your throat on its way down, accompanied by myriad flavors, making it the best spirit to enjoy in the midst of winter’s chill.

As winter winds to a close this February, if you’re looking for the perfect whiskey to complement your winter activities, here are our seven favorite options.

Found North Batch 006 Cask Strength Whisky

Best Whiskeys

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Found North Batch 006 is crafted for those with a sweet tooth. This batch, bottled at an ABV sure to warm you up — 62.1% — presents a combination of berries, and cinnamon and finishes with notes of toffee.

If you’re after an exceptional sipping experience, then this whisky provides just that – but it comes at a price. Batch 006 retails for $150 and can be found on the brand’s website.

Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon

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Bulleit Barrel Strength is yet another fantastic offering from the Diageo-owned brand. It’s a no-age-statement barrel-proof whiskey that any fan of good, strong bourbon should check out.

With a medium mouthfeel and perfect amount of oak, Bulleit Barrel Strength has all the comfort of a warm-honey-and-toffee hug with some caramel notes as an extra bonus. This whiskey does not shy away from flavor and is well-proofed with excellent depth.

Pursuit United Bourbon

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Pursuit United is an exciting new blend of whiskey from three different regions in the U.S. — Kentucky, Tennessee and New York.

A collaboration between Kenny Coleman and Ryan Cecil of Pursuit Spirits, this brand is already making a buzz among whiskey lovers. With high-rye and wheated bourbon blended together, a 54% ABV mark and a four-year age statement, this whiskey delivers an excellent flavor profile.

Penelope Architect Bourbon

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Penelope Architect whiskey is a hidden gem that won’t be found on many shelves and is often overlooked, but once you find it, you’ll know you’ve stumbled onto something good.

This expression from Penelope is a straight bourbon whiskey that really stands out among the brand’s other offerings. It comes in at a smooth 52% ABV and features flavors of syrup, spice, vanilla bean, maple candy, light cinnamon and ultimately pecan notes.

Penelope continues to innovate on its blending skills, and the Architect is a wonderful addition to its portfolio.

Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series #9

Best Whiskeys

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The latest release from the innovative Bardstown Bourbon Company, Discovery Series #9 is, as the name suggests, the ninth release in Bardstown Bourbon Company’s Discovery Series. Bottled at a powerful 65.25% ABV, this whiskey is a blend of whiskeys distilled in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ontario and ranging in age from 8 to 17 years.

This is a rich whiskey, full of character. It’s well-balanced yet eclectic and features tasting notes including honey, caramel candies, oak, barrel char, sweet cream, apple bake and cinnamon.

Barrell Bourbon New Year 2023

Best Whiskeys

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New Year 2023 is a great bourbon from the lauded Barrell Craft Spirits. It brings out the best of dark chocolate and seasonal fruits, which are balanced with hints of coffee and baking spices.

It’s complex yet easy to drink, and nothing says 2023 better than this bourbon from Barrell. With its complexity and smooth finish, it’s a chocolate and fruit lover’s dream.

Celebrate the start of the year with this truly exceptional craft spirit

Four Roses Single Barrel

Best Whiskeys

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Four Roses Single Barrel makes for a great go-to whiskey, no matter your preference.

You won’t find many bottles at this price point that offer such quality as this 100-proof release. It features top-shelf flavors that can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, so you can really get creative with this one.

Plus, the price point is fantastic: This bottle can be had for $35-$45. For that price, it’s a great gateway product for anyone just getting into the whiskey scene but is also an excellent pour for an aficionado.

In other words, if you want great taste without breaking the bank, Four Roses Single Barrel is the one for you.

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