Bardstown Bourbon Company Unveils Fusion Series 8, 9
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‘We Conclude the Series With Our Favorite Creation to Date’: Bardstown Bourbon Company Unveils Final Fusion Whiskeys

Bardstown Bourbon

Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion Series 8 and 9.

On Wednesday, Bardstown Bourbon Company announced the conclusion of its Fusion series with the eighth and ninth expressions in the collection. Fusion 8 is available now at the Bardstown Bourbon Co. gift shop, online and at retailers across 20 states. Fusion 9 will be made available later this fall.

Bardstown Bourbon’s Fusion series releases combine older and younger whiskeys. Both Fusion 8 and Fusion 9 feature 4-year-old bourbon from Bardstown Bourbon Co., the oldest bourbon yet released by the brand.

Fusion 8 is made of 58% of a 4-year bourbon from Bardstown Bourbon Co., 12% of a different 4-year bourbon from Bardstown Bourbon Co. and 30% of a 12-year Kentucky bourbon. Fusion 9 is made from 48% of a 4-year bourbon from Bardstown Bourbon Co., 22% of another 4-year bourbon from Bardstown Bourbon Co. and 30% of a 12-year Kentucky bourbon.

“With Fusion, not only have we enjoyed the evolution of the series as more of our stock comes of age, but also the interesting play between old whiskies and younger ones which bring a complexity in flavor profile that you don’t see elsewhere,” Dan Callaway, VP product development and hospitality, said in a news release. “As we move toward new and exciting releases with the distillate we’ve created, Fusion will remain a signpost in the history of Bardstown Bourbon Co. encompassing our approach to the art and science of modern bourbon blending.”

Fusion 8 is bottled at 95.5 proof and Fusion 9 at 96.8 proof. Each expression will sell for a suggested retail price of $64.99 per 750-milliliter bottle.

“Throughout the series, we’ve showcased the best of our estate-distilled bourbon with carefully curated aged whiskey. We conclude the series with our favorite creation to date,” Callaway said.

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