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Vodka Takes Cue From Bourbon’s Flavorful Roots With New Release

Bare Bone Vodka

Bare Bone Vodka is straying from the vodka tradition and borrowing from bourbon. (Photo: Bare Bone Vodka)

Houston, Texas distillery Bare Bone Vodka is taking a page out of the book of bourbon with its unique style of vodka distillation, using a two-grain mash bill of Texas-grown corn and wheat, unusual for vodka, a spirit that typically uses a single grain ingredient. Furthermore, Bare Bone vodka is finished using a triple charcoal filtration “for an enhanced smoothness of character.

According to BevNet, Bare Bone Founder Justin McColgan said he made a bet with a group of his friends that he could make the best vodka in the U.S., proven by a blind taste test.

“Eighteen months and 82 blends later, I now have six $100 bills framed on my wall,” McColgan said.

McColgan, who had 10 years of experience as the president of a Napa winery under his belt, plus had held leadership positions in spirits consulting, was prepared to turn what began as a bet into a business.

Bare Bone Vodka, bottled at 80 proof, is available in Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Colorado and Missouri at a suggested retail price of $21.49.

Bare Bone Vodka Tasting Notes

Nose: Citrus peel, caramel, and sweet cream

Taste: Vanilla, lemon curd, and white pepper

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