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Country Icon Brad Paisley Teases his Entry Into the World of Whiskey

Country music star Brad Paisley took to Instagram Tuesday night to drop a hint about an upcoming whiskey release, American Highway. The photo, seen above, shows Paisley holding a guitar, sitting on an American Highway whiskey barrel, with a bottle on the floor next to him. The caption reads “Thirsty? We got you. Coming soon… #americanhighwayreserve.”

What we know

From the barrels in the background of the photo, we can glean that Paisley is at Bardstown Bourbon Company, which indicates American Highway is a turnkey brand. Further evidence: Bardstown Bourbon Company is tagged in the photo.

Furthermore, we know the whiskey is a bourbon — the barrel says so. American Highway Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon has an entry on Here’s the description:

Hot summers and cold winters write the recipes for the world’s best bourbons. Fluctuating climate expands and contracts the staves of a barrel, imparting oak and char that cultivate the characteristics flavors of America’s spirit. We take that idea one step further, loading our barrels onto our Rolling Rickhouse, where the spirits age on the road – from the farmlands of the heartland to the rugged terrain of the mountains and desert, to the beaches of each coast. This is a traveled whiskey with a story – hints of the character of this beautiful land permeating the scent and taste of every drop in this exemplary expression.

FineCask lists the product as “coming soon.”

Bardstown Bourbon Co. is the producer of whiskey brands including Pursuit United and Chicken Cock.

Because of Bardstown Bourbon Co.’s production, bottling and labeling resources, the company is a perfect choice for celebrities who want a hassle-free whiskey-making process.

Paisley has previously advertised for Beam Suntory’s Knob Creek brand, but American Highway looks to be the first whiskey with his name directly tied to it.

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