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Dan Abrams Appears on ‘Coptales and Cocktails’ Podcast, Talks Interest in Bourbon, Eventual Return of Hit TV Show ‘Live PD’

This week on the podcast “Coptales and Cocktails,” Dan Abrams joined Sean “Sticks” Larkin and ICU nurse Howard Doss.

Dan is the founder of Law&Crime Network, chief legal affairs anchor at ABC News and host of the now-canceled hit show “Live PD” on A&E. In this exclusive interview, he discussed everything in his career from bourbon to the media.


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The three began the episode over a glass of Old Elk, and Dan told the hosts that he once swore he would never drink any liquor other than wine. That was until he started hosting “Live PD,” where he said the crew would come together on Friday nights and enjoy food, wine and bourbon. From there, Abrams’ interest began to grow as he noticed many similarities between wine and bourbon.

“I was bringing wines every night for people to try, and people started bringing bourbons, and then other people started bringing wines, and we started just doing wines and bourbon every night. And you know, I always swore that I wasn’t going to drink any other liquor other than [wine], and here I am”.

When referencing “Live PD,” Abrams assured listeners that the live program will come back, or at least a show fundamentally the same: “There is going to be a time when ‘Live PD’ comes back.  I say ‘when’ because I’m constantly saying this, but I am confident ‘Live PD’ is going to come back.”

When it came down to what bringing back the beloved show, or at least a similar show, would look like, Abrams and Larkin agreed that some new procedures would be the key to ensuring that nothing like the “incident,” as it’s referred to, happens again.

“I should say, when a ‘Live PD’-type show comes back, it’s going to be fundamentally the same kind of show. But it will have some new procedures in place to ensure that things like retaining tape, etc., are part of what they do,” Abrams said.

So there you have it: “Live PD” is officially on the executive producer’s radar.  The podcast episode itself is well worth the listen, not just for finding clues about when the show will start again, but because it’s an enjoyable, genuine breath of fresh air.

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