‘A Bold Corn for a Bold Whiskey’: New Jeptha Creed Bourbon Made Using Bloody Butcher Corn | Whiskey Raiders
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‘A Bold Corn for a Bold Whiskey’: New Jeptha Creed Bourbon Made Using Bloody Butcher Corn

Jeptha Creed

The latest Jeptha Creed bourbon release is made with bloody butcher corn. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Jeptha Creed Distillery’s latest release, Bloody Butcher Creed’s 90%, is made with bloody butcher corn, a variety of heirloom corn (corn that comes in different shades of colors) that gets its name because it is white when it’s young but turns a deep shade of red as it develops.

This limited-edition release is distilled from a mash of 90% bloody butcher corn, 5% malted rye and 5% malted barley. It was aged for a little less than three years. Jeptha Creed describes the whiskey as bold and a combination of bloody butcher corn’s richness with malted rye’s intense earthiness.

Tasting notes from Jeptha Creed:

  • Nose: An interesting mixture of aromas such as barbecued corn husks and sap wood mingled with notes of red hot cinnamon, toasted marshmallow, and hot corn porridge.
  • Palate: A slightly oily texture along with a note of sweet cherries, followed by a bit of tart plum. At the back of the palate the whiskey has a slow building heat and then becomes dry with notes of wood from the barrel and a pronounced grassy character from the malted rye.
  • Finish: A long and warm finish that lingers with notes of tart plum, nuts, and fresh oak. As the whiskey fades there is a fascinating mixture of maraschino cherry and sprouted grain bread.

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