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Jim Beam is Adding a New Whiskey Brand to its Portfolio

Jim Beam is expanding their whiskey brand family with two extremely old bourbons.

The first addition is a revival of a discontinued Beam brand called Jacob’s Well. This bourbon is 108 proof, clocking in at 15 years old. On the label, drinkers will notice that the date is displayed in months, which is a throwback to the original Jacob’s Well bottle on the bottle label. The second is Hardin’s Creek Kentucky Series Clermont. The Hardin’s Creek is a 17-year old bourbon and bottled at 110 proof.

Whiskey Jacob's Well Jim Beam Bourbon

Original Jim Beam Bourbon Bottle Image via Jim Beam

Beam Suntory also owns brands such as Knob Creek and Maker’s Mark. While there’s no word yet on how much the recommended retail price will be, or when it will be released; but it won’t be surprising if it will be priced between $50-$100. Being a company as altruistic as Beam, it is no surprise that the company is looking to go back to its roots and even bring old whiskeys back to life.

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