Lost Lantern Announces Collection of 5 Single Cask Whiskeys
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Lost Lantern Announces Collection of 5 Single Cask Whiskeys

Lost Lantern

Lost Lantern announced its Fall 2021 Single Cask Collection, comprising five bottles of single cask whiskey from across the U.S. (Photo: Lost Lantern)

Lost Lantern, an independent bottler of American whiskey whose goal is to find and release the most unique and exciting whiskeys across the U.S. and release them as single casks and blends, announced a new collection of five single cask whiskeys: The Fall 2021 Single Cask Collection.

The collection will be offered for presale at LostLanternWhiskey.com beginning Oct. 15 and will be available at a later, to-be-announced date at Seelbachs.com. All bottles in the collection are cask strength, non-chill-filtered and have natural color.

The Collection

Cedar Ridge Iowa Single Malt Whiskey Finished in a Sherry Cask: Lost Lantern’s first sherry-casked release comes from the family-owned Cedar Ridge Distillery in Swisher, Iowa. This classic sherried single malt was aged for two years in 53-gallon new American oak and finished for another two years in a 500-liter sherry butt imported from Jerez, Spain. Lost Lantern filled 555 bottles at 115.3 proof. The suggested retail price is $110.

  • Tasting notes: Rich, golden fruit flavors on top of a clean, honeyed malt base

Watershed Ohio Straight Bourbon Whiskey: This five-year bourbon comes from Watershed in Columbus, Ohio. According to the news release, this bourbon has a unique five-grain mashbill that uses corn, rye, spelt, malted barley and wheat. Lost Lantern filled 160 bottles at 118.4 proof. The suggested retail price is $100.

  • Tasting notes: Rich sweetness, perfectly balanced by oak spice and an orangey zing, evoking the flavors of our favorite breakfast pastries

Boulder Spirits Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey: This five-year bourbon as an unusually high-malt mashbill of 51% corn, 44% malted barley and 5% rye. Lost Lantern filled 180 bottles at 138.5 proof. It has a suggested retail price of $105.

  • Tasting notes: Hearty oak surrounds chocolate mousse, maple syrup-drenched waffles, fudge and toffee

Spirit Works California Straight Rye Whiskey: This five-year rye was made from a mashbill of 70% organic rye, 10% malted rye and 20% malted barley. Spirit Works is in Sebastopol, California, in Sonoma wine country. It is a family-run distillery that was built with sustainable pracitces in mind and has one ofo the few female-led distilling teams in the U.S. Lost Lantern filled 195 bottles at 122 proof. It has a suggested retail price of $80.

  • Tasting notes: Rich oak and baking spice flavors and deep chocolate notes, with hints of vanilla and lemon curd. Fresh, spicy, and balanced.

St. George Spirits California Single Malt Whiskey: This three-year single malt whiskey comes from St. George Spirits, which was the first craft distillery in the U.S. and is located in Alameda, California. It is distilled from beer, which gives it a distinct and unusual flavor profile. Lost Lantern filled 250 bottles at 107.3 proof. It has a suggested retail price of $150.

  • Tasting notes: Very fresh and grassy and brings forth the idea of enjoying crème brûlée in a high alpine meadow.

Lost Lantern will introduce four specialty bundles for presale on Oct. 15, including the Bourbon Bundle and American Single Malt Bundle, which will range from $195-$640 and will be available to order at LostLanternWhiskey.com.

About Lost Lantern

Lost Lantern is one of few major independent bottlers in the U.S. Independent bottlers are businesses that buy casks from many producers and bottle, label, market and sell the spirits themselves. Independent bottlers are common, successful and profitable in the scotch and rum industries but much less so in the American whiskey industry. Lost Lantern, along with other independent bottlers Proof and Wood and Barrell Craft Spirits, is paving the way for future independent bottling businesses in the U.S.

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