Maker's Mark Releases BRT-01, BRT-02 Bourbon Whiskeys
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Maker’s Mark Continues Wood Finishing Series With 2 New Whiskeys


Maker’s Mark has unveiled Maker’s Mark BRT-01 and BRT-02, the latest bourbon whiskeys from its Wood Finishing series. (Photo: Maker’s Mark)

Maker’s Mark has unveiled BRT-01 and BRT-02, the latest whiskeys in its Wood Finishing series. The name “BRT” comes from the way Maker’s Mark’s practice of hand-barrel rotation and temperature affect its whiskeys.

“Made to be enjoyed as a pair, BRT-01 is inspired by the tasting notes found at the hotter top of the rickhouse, and BRT-02 is inspired by tasting notes found at the cooler bottom,” Maker’s Mark wrote on its website. “Together, they give people the unique opportunity to experience where the characteristics responsible for the original Maker’s Mark come from, so they can reach a new level of understanding of whisky.”

Maker’s Mark hand-rotates its barrels from the top to the bottom of its rickhouses. This equal exposure to temperatures is a key component in Maker’s Mark’s whiskey-making process.

Maker’s Mark hasn’t revealed details about when the new bourbons will be available, how many bottles will be released or how much they will cost, but did say that there will be “a limited number of bottles, [so] it would be wise to ask your local retailer about availability near you.”

Maker’s Mark BRT-01 Tasting Notes, Via the Brand

Proof: Cask Strength 109.4

Nose: Caramel and butterscotch mixed with a sweet spice

Taste: Bright, brown sugar and stone fruit

Finish: Warm and toasty, paired with hints of honey

Maker’s Mark BRT-02 Tasting Notes, Via the Brand

Proof: Cask Strength 109.4

Nose: A seasoned oak nuttiness combined with molasses

Taste: Prevalent dark fruit and chocolate with baking spices

Finish: Long, viscous and round

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