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Old Elk Announces Series of Cask Finished Bourbons

Old Elk

Old Elk Bourbon announced a new line of single cask bourbons. (Photo: Old Elk)

Colorado’s Old Elk Distillery recently announced a series of four cask finished straight bourbons, according to The Whiskey Wash.

Each bourbon in the line was finished in freshly harvested European barrels.

“These products are a new level of flavor we’re excited to bring to our consumers’ glasses.” said beverage director Melinda Maddox. “Most of the flavor in a whiskey comes from the aging process and with the secondary aging of the cask finishes. By resting our liquid in these various casks, we’re able to keep the liquid our fans know and love today and enhance the flavor with the cask of another world-class product.”

The bourbons in the series sell for around $90 per 750-milliliter bottle. Information about the series, via The Whiskey Wash:

Old Elk Straight Bourbon Sherry Cask Finish (109.7 proof): The 10-year-old Spanish sherry cask adds a hint of dried fruit, which melds into a nutty dry and floral finish.

Old Elk Straight Bourbon Port Cask Finish (108.4 proof): With casks from Portugal, the port finish brings out a smoother, luscious taste of deep rich, ripe fruit.

Old Elk Straight Bourbon Cognac Cask Finish (109.4 proof): Old Elk’s high-malt mashbill is matured in world-class cognac casks to yield an expression of perfect harmony in a glass.

Old Elk Straight Bourbon Armagnac Cask Finish (108.3 proof): Also from France, Armagnac is the rebel of the region. This secondary maturation leads to a more rustic and full-bodied whiskey with dark fruit notes and a brooding finish.

The series is expected to be available at selected retailers across the U.S. Finished whiskeys have been picking up in popularity with a significant upswing over the last several years. From brands like Angel’s Envy to the recent Penelope Rose Casks, the quantity and diversity of wine and spirit casks (and even beer casks!) being used to finish American whiskey is growing fast than ever.

Last week, Old Elk’s flavored whiskey brand, Whiskeysmith, launched seven flavors of whiskey across the country.

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